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  • Crafting the perfect exhibition strategy: A 7-Step Guide.

    In 2024, the B2B trade show market is set to regress almost back to normal following the pandemic…

  • The Talent of Expo Stars: Your Gateway to Exhibiting Success

    Stepping into a vibrant exhibition hall is like entering a world of innovation and captivating displays. However, behind every successful booth is a team…

  • Ep 6. In Conversation With… Ken Newman

    We are in conversation with Ken Newman, founder and CEO of Magnet Productions, who shares 25 years of trade show insight.

  • Ep.5 In Conversation with… Stephan Murtagh

    In our fifth episode of “In Conversation with…” we speak with Stephan Murtagh, more commonly known as “The Exhibition Guy”. With over 25 years’…

  • Ep.4 In Conversation With… Chris Burgess

    In our fourth episode of ‘In Conversation With…’ we speak with Chris Burgess; healer, writer and speaker. 

    Chris is one of the UK’s leading practitioners of energy therapy with over 50 years of experience in the field of psychological and physical well-being and is dedicated to helping people heal themselves.

  • Ep.3 In Conversation With… Terri Morrison

    In our Third episode of ‘In Conversation With…’ we speak with bestselling author and speaker Terri Morrison.

    Terri’s books are recommended reading at NASA and the US Department of Defence and her media appearances include; NPR, CNN and the BBC, with publication in the WSJ, Asia Times, Investor’s Weekly, and the Washington Post.

  • Ep.2 In Conversation With… Ashley Boroda

    In our second episode of ‘In Conversation With…’ we speak with Ashley Boroda, qualified business coach and iMA practitioner, who has been working with Expo Stars for…

  • Ep.1 In Conversation With… Jemelin Artigas

    In our first episode of ‘In Conversation With…’ we speak with Jemelin Artigas, veteran Expo Star, Entrepreneur and former Apprentice contestant. We discover the journey her path has taken her on and the insights she’s garnered along the way.

  • Successful Communication with International Clients

    Guest blog by Kellie Noon – Director, Onno Training How would you describe a stapler? I remember spending 5 excruciating minutes trying to buy…

  • Emotion – Delivering Exceptional Experiences at Tradeshows

    95% of purchasing decisions are driven by unconscious urges, the biggest of which is emotion, according to Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman. That’s why the…

  • Education – Giving Attendees What They Want

    Why do most people attend exhibitions? To spend their money? To network? The actual answer is to learn, according to The International Association of…

  • Empathy – The Key to Understanding Your Target Audience

    “The only way to change someone’s mind is to connect with them from the heart.” – Rasheed Ogunlaru When you experience empathy for another person,…