Ep.5 In Conversation with… Stephan Murtagh

Posted 11/05/2021
Ep.5 In Conversation with… Stephan Murtagh

In our fifth episode of “In Conversation with…” we speak with Stephan Murtagh, more commonly known as “The Exhibition Guy”. With over 25 years’ experience working in Exhibitions with all stakeholders, including Organisers, Venues, and Exhibitors, Stephan is passionate about delivering results on all levels. He is a qualified sales and business trainer, and an Amazon published Author.

In this episode we discuss some of the common mistakes companies make when exhibiting virtually compared to exhibiting in a physical space. We talk about what the future holds for exhibiting, whether we will see more hybrid events, or if the larger international exhibitions will be much more regionalised.

Stephan also shares his insights into how an exhibitor can set up for success post covid with the right strategy and engagement process and how to spend the exhibition budget wisely.

We also talk about how you can motivate attendees to visit your booth and to engage with you before and during the event.

To learn more about Stephan and his exhibition and sales training courses please visit

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Posted 11/05/2021