Free Exhibition Resources

11 Questions Before Your Next Exhibit 

A guide to making your budget perform and give you a stronger return on investment with our live marketing exercise.

Is your team equipped to engage leads at your Booth? iMA - Communication Styles

Learn valuable insights about yourself and increase your success by optimising your and your team’s communication style.

5 Ways to add even more value to your exhibitor clients.

Discover how you can create successful, engaging, and memorable exhibition experiences for your exhibitor clients.

5 Ways to Support Your Exhibitors to get even more value from your Trade Show Exhibition.

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Uncover the Secret Powers of Successful Booth Staff! 

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ROI Calculator

Unlock the full potential of your trade show investments with our complimentary ROI calculator, accurately assessing your return on investment for informed decision-making.

How to Hire the Best Booth Staff

Discover the ultimate guide to maximizing your trade show success with our downloadable resource.

TEO Scorecard

Score your exhibition performance through our Trade show Engagement Optimisation (TEO) framework and discover what you need to improve in order to achieve your best exhibition yet.