Staff Training

85% of exhibiting success relies on staff performance, yet 70% 
of companies lack a face-to-face engagement strategy. At Expo Stars, we analyse your teams’ strengths and areas for growth. We offer customised booth staff training programmes tailored to your business.

Our exhibition engagement training equips your internal teams with the tools to identify roles, pinpoint training needs and select the best people for each position. Your booth staff will learn how to sustain energy, stay motivated and maintain professionalism throughout the entire show.

Expo Stars

Bespoke booth staff training

  • 1

    Understand the job roles required at your booth

    Learn the importance of understanding what jobs will need to be done at your booth and the personal skill sets that these roles will require.  
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    Select the right staff

    Explore who the best people are in your team to deliver an engaging experience at the booth. It's essential to know your team’s strengths well. This helps you create a functional and effective team, that are comfortably working in an environment they feel comfortable in, and not be like fish out of water.
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    Upskill your staff

    We’ll give you the tools to identify your team’s training needs and assign the best people for each role. Gain expert knowledge on interpersonal communication skills, performance, how to maintain energy levels, motivation, booth etiquette and professionalism throughout the show.   
  • 4

    Set performance goals for your team

    Setting clear personal and team objectives is vital to driving optimum performance. Receive guidance, techniques and tools to help measure your team's performance whether it’s the number of leads generated, post-show meetings set up or even the number of attendees approached. We can even help you to design a rewards programme to further enhance your team’s motivation to meet performance objectives.
  • 5

    Deliver a post show team performance review

    Together, we’ll review your team’s performance post-exhibition and see the positives and the areas needed for improvement for future exhibitions.  

How it works


We assess your attendee engagement strategy and your current team’s skill sets  


We design a tailored programme for your team 


We deliver the training (in person or virtual) with roleplays 


We review your team’s performance post show 

Training Programmes

  • Decode and Engage: Mastering audience communications styles for exhibiting success

    Discover the importance of effective communication at trade shows. Learn how to adapt your communication style to successfully engage attendees

  • Mastering your follow up for exhibiting success

    Learn how to craft the perfect follow up strategy to convert your trade show leads into clients

  • TEO masterclass/workshop

    Empower your team with comprehensive engagement skills and specialised training to optimize booth performance, generate leads, and achieve maximum success at exhibitions.

  • Empower your team: Booth staff training for success

    85% of exhibiting success is down to how your stand staff performs on the show floor, so turn your team into customer engagement and lead generation experts in our tried and trusted booth staff training


The 5 Super Powers that your Booth Team Needs at a Trade Show

Explore the essential traits that turn booth staff into exhibition superheroes. From charisma to expert knowledge, agility, observation, and resilience, these superpowers are vital for success in the fast-paced world of trade shows. This resource provides strategies and tips for developing these skills, emphasizing the importance of creating memorable interactions that leave a lasting impression on attendees.

"The recent exhibition training session delivered by Lee from Expo Stars was highly beneficial. The session was well-organised, engaging, and provided valuable insights that sparked interesting discussions among our team. The training content was relevant and practical, making it a valuable resource for our current and future needs. We particularly appreciated the interactive elements and the practical examples provided. Our team members, new and experienced to exhibition experience, found the training enjoyable and informative. We look forward to collaborating with Expo Stars for future training sessions."
Marketing Campaign Manger, Fera Science
“All of your team were excellent, they really got into the spirit of it, were great with visitors to the stand and kept the energy high despite some very long days. Special mention to Colin and Marta, both were energetic and entertaining throughout.”
Ideal Home Show
“The experts from Expo Stars and their follow-up consultancy are outstanding. Having skilled professionals at our trade shows has been a game-changer. Their ability to drive leads and engage with prospects to such a high level has dramatically increased the number of leads we can capture.”
Vice President of Worldwide Sales, ProSymmetry
“I can only say that the collaboration with Sarah was fantastic! She is an excellent professional, she learnt everything very quickly, being able to professionally present our services to our prospects at the Big 5 exhibition”
The Big 5

Exhibition Resources

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