Exhibit Builders

Amplify Your Client’s Trade Show Success

Strengthen your reputation as a full-service provider by adding value to your clients’ global exhibition experience. You have the power to build attention-grabbing stands and create captivating marketing campaigns, and you serve up a world of opportunities for exhibitors on a silver platter. Yet, all this potential is wasted when your clients lack a solid exhibition strategy or staff their stand with internal personnel who lack the skills and nuance to succeed on a global stage. We can work together to fix this age-old issue. Provide your customers with a better service, giving them access to our breadth of exhibition knowledge, elite training, engagement-optimised staff and proven lead generation tools.

Expo Stars

Services for exhibit builders

We enhance the value you offer to your clients by: 

  • Providing strategy consultancy aligning their exhibition to their wider growth plans, whether that’s brand awareness or qualified leads.
  • Delivering CPD accredited training to their internal booth staff to improve their performance and develop their team.
  • Connecting your clients to our expert international booth team. Fluent in English and local languages, every member has the experience, energy and training to deliver concrete results for your clients. Your clients eliminate the time and stress of finding the right staff. Our professionalism enhances your reputation worldwide – translating to referrals and repeat bookings for you.
  • Saving you time and fuss and enhancing your clients’ experience of working with you. Your single point of contact supports you through every international trade show. As your exhibition partner, you simply plug us in, share your creative strategy and client goals, and leave us to bring it all to life in real-time.
  • Boosting your reputation. When you work with us, your clients achieve better results, save time and eliminate the stress of hiring show teams worldwide. Our professionalism enhances your reputation worldwide, translating to more referrals and repeat bookings for you.

How We Help

  • Galvanise your clients to achieve global success  
  • Boost your reputation  
  • Enhance your service offering  
  • Unlock additional value for your clients 

Our Memberships

Choose how you work with us

  • White label

    Our team seamlessly integrates with yours, offering your clients more value and amplifying your revenue stream through our skilled operatives. 
  • Wholesale

    Working as partners, you preserve your client relationships and secure an attractive profit margin; your clients receive a premium service from exhibition specialists. 
  • Referral

    Join our referral programme and earn a commission for introducing us to new prospects who could benefit from our suite of exhibition engagement services. 


11 Questions Before Your Next Exhibit 

A guide to making your budget perform and give you a stronger return on investment with our live marketing exercise.

“All of your team were excellent, they really got into the spirit of it, were great with visitors to the stand and kept the energy high despite some very long days. Special mention to Colin and Marta, both were energetic and entertaining throughout.”
Ideal Home Show
“The experts from Expo Stars and their follow-up consultancy are outstanding. Having skilled professionals at our trade shows has been a game-changer. Their ability to drive leads and engage with prospects to such a high level has dramatically increased the number of leads we can capture.”
Vice President of Worldwide Sales, ProSymmetry
“I can only say that the collaboration with Sarah was fantastic! She is an excellent professional, she learnt everything very quickly, being able to professionally present our services to our prospects at the Big 5 exhibition”
The Big 5


  • Generate more business from trade show exhibitions

    Generate more business from trade show exhibitions

    An Exhibition Engagement Workshop focusing on the five pillars of Trade Show Engagement Optimisation. 
  • Crafting the perfect exhibition strategy: A 7-Step Guide.

    Crafting the perfect exhibition strategy: A 7-Step Guide.

    In 2024, the B2B trade show market is set to regress almost back to normal following the pandemic...
  • Ep 6. In Conversation With… Ken Newman

    Ep 6. In Conversation With… Ken Newman

    We are in conversation with Ken Newman, founder and CEO of Magnet Productions, who shares 25 years of trade show insight.
  • 20% Leap in Quality Leads for Sync
    Case Study

    20% Leap in Quality Leads for Sync

    Sync, a technology solution provider for education and public sectors, faced complicated trade show challenges

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