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  • A Guide for Exhibitors; handle difficult questions at trade shows 

    Trade shows are bustling hubs of opportunity, however, they also come with their fair share of challenges, one of the most daunting being handling difficult questions.

  • “Can I Scan Your Badge?”  not the best way to Close Conversations at Exhibit Booths

    In the bustling environment of trade shows and exhibitions, every interaction counts. However, there’s one common phrase that can undermine all our efforts: “Can I scan your badge?”

  • Crafting the perfect exhibition strategy: A 7-Step Guide.

    In 2024, the B2B trade show market is set to regress almost back to normal following the pandemic…

  • The 5 E’s of Face-to-Face Engagement

    You could have a salsa-dancing robot on display during an exhibition to wow your visitors. But will that alone guarantee success? What you really…

  • Why You Should Leave Your Sales Team at Home at Your Next Trade Show

    According to research, 85% of an exhibitor’s success hinges on the performance of its booth staff. 80% of what attendees remember most about a…

  • How are you measuring your trade show success?

    It’s amazing how many business owners, managers and others working in a professional B2B capacity think that it’s near impossible to measure ROI at…