“Can I Scan Your Badge?”  not the best way to Close Conversations at Exhibit Booths

Posted 27/06/2024
“Can I Scan Your Badge?”  not the best way to Close Conversations at Exhibit Booths

In the bustling environment of trade shows and exhibitions, every interaction counts. As exhibitors, our goal is to engage meaningfully with attendees and create lasting impressions. However, there’s one common phrase that can undermine all our efforts: “Can I scan your badge?”

scanning badge at exhibition shows

Here’s why this approach falls short and how we can do better:

Interaction becomes Impersonal:

Asking to scan a badge at the end of a conversation can make attendees feel like just another lead in the database. This transactional approach can diminish the genuine connection built during the conversation. Attendees may leave your booth feeling more like a statistic than a valued prospect.

Missing out on Engagement opportunity:

Ending the conversation with a badge scan often cuts short the potential for deeper engagement. Instead of understanding the attendee’s needs or concerns, the focus shifts to a mechanical task. This can lead to missed opportunities to build rapport and truly understand what the attendee is looking for.

Lack of Memorability:

With hundreds of exhibitors vying for attention, standing out is crucial. Simply scanning a badge doesn’t leave a memorable impression. It’s the personal touch and meaningful interactions that attendees will remember. In a sea of badge scans, unique and engaging conversations are what make your booth unforgettable.

Negative Brand Perception:

The way we conclude interactions reflects on our brand. A hurried badge scan can give the impression that we’re more interested in leads than in offering real value, potentially harming our brand image. Attendees are more likely to remember how they felt during the interaction than the information exchanged.

Some advice for best practice:

Create a Personalized Follow-up:

Instead of immediately asking to scan a badge, take a moment to personalize your follow-up. Mention something specific from your conversation that shows you were genuinely listening. This can make your follow-up communications more impactful and relevant.

Exchange Contact Information:

Offer your business card and ask for theirs in return. This feels more personal and respectful, and it allows for a more natural transition to follow-up. It also gives attendees the choice to engage further, which can foster a more positive connection. If possible, create a detailed lead capture form that allows you to collect important data like what challenges they have, solutions they would be interested and how they want to be followed up, and fill this in together. If someone else from your team is following up the leads post event, this information will be essential in giving them an overview of what the conversation was about.

Invite to Further Interaction:

Encourage attendees to visit your website, attend a webinar, or connect on LinkedIn. This not only keeps the conversation going but also shows you value ongoing engagement. Providing a clear next step can help maintain the momentum of your initial interaction.

Schedule a Meeting:

If the conversation was particularly fruitful, suggest scheduling a follow-up meeting or call. This demonstrates your commitment to addressing their specific needs. A scheduled meeting can be a more effective way to continue the dialogue and move towards a potential business relationship.

Move beyond the badge scan and focus on building real, lasting connections. After all, it’s the quality of our interactions that truly counts.

At ExpoStars we can guide you to the best exhibition performance with strategy, training, or staffing for a perfect and engaging experience for your attendees. Schedule a meeting with us now to learn more about engaging conversations at trade shows.

Posted 27/06/2024