Ep.2 In Conversation With… Ashley Boroda

Posted 31/03/2021
Ep.2 In Conversation With… Ashley Boroda

In our second episode of ‘In Conversation With…’ we speak with Ashley Boroda, qualified business coach and iMA practitioner, who has been working with Expo Stars for the last 8 years.

Ashley specialises in supporting businesses to ensure they achieve consistent growth, boost team performance and increase sales results.

Ashley chats to us about how to communicate with people at any level for business and personal success. Our talk covers the different colour personalities and how tapping into these different communication styles can benefit everyone from businesses to schools. We also discuss how business owners can successfully recruit and retain the best people for the job – and live events – whilst encouraging colleagues to better relate to one another.

With over 20 years working in media including: television, radio, theatre and stand-up comedy; as a producer, a writer, a performer and an agent, it’s fair to say Ashley knows a thing or two about communication!

Take a listen to discover the insight he’s gathered along the way. If you would like to learn more about iMA, discover more here.

Settle in and enjoy!

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So, dive straight in with episode two below – available on all major podcast platforms via Anchor and as a video on YouTube.

Posted 31/03/2021