Ep.3 In Conversation With… Terri Morrison

Posted 14/04/2021
Ep.3 In Conversation With… Terri Morrison

In our Third episode of ‘In Conversation With…’ we speak with bestselling author and speaker Terri Morrison.

Terri’s books are recommended reading at NASA and the US Department of Defence and her media appearances include; NPR, CNN and the BBC, with publication in the WSJ, Asia Times, Investor’s Weekly, and the Washington Post.

In this episode, we discuss how people in business can be more mindful of international business customs via virtual meetings. Terri touches on how to communicate virtually with ease, how to engage your audience when speaking remotely and the basic etiquette that can sometimes be forgotten when communicating online.

We discuss how to read nonverbal signals in person and how different cultures’ presentation styles differ. When talking about how to successfully build relationships virtually, we cover how persuasiveness, patience and decision-making differs when it comes to different cultures.

Tune in to gain insight on communicating effectively with businesses around the world.

To learn more about Terri’s work find out more at and or follow  @KissBowAuthor

Settle in and enjoy!

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So, dive straight in with episode three below – available on all major podcast platforms via Anchor and as a video on YouTube.

Posted 14/04/2021