Why work with a professional agency to source your trade show staff

Posted 07/08/2017
Why work with a professional agency to source your trade show staff

Sales and marketing professionals know what an incredible opportunity exhibiting at a trade show can represent. Even for those brands that exhibit on a regular basis and know the trade circuit well, each and every exhibition provides a unique opportunity to make connections with brand new prospects and build strong long-term relationships with existing partners.

Exhibition shows can be fantastic opportunities for you to engage potential customer and produce a real ROI for your business. Download our guide on how you can make the most of your exhibition with an effective strategy.

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That means that every single trade show appearance needs to go without a hitch to keep the brand’s standards high, make a good impression within the sector, and attract the people who matter the most to the future of their business.

Again, that can be a challenge for regular exhibitors and the management team. How can exhibit managers short on time keep their team’s message consistent, make the exhibition as successful and professional as possible, attract the right prospects, improve ROI from the trade show and do their regular job, all at the same time?

Working with a trade show booth staffing agency can improve exhibit returns

Working with an experienced, international trade show booth staffing agency dedicated to attracting and engaging with visitors at an exhibition space can take a lot of pressure from a manager’s shoulders, and allow them to concentrate on their core responsibilities.

You can have the best trade show strategy in the world and you still may not be getting results. The quality of the staff you employ, their nature, experience and ability to truly understand a brand is all absolutely essential to success.

Why work with a professional agency to source your trade show staff

The right trade show booth staffing agency knows how to properly vet trade representatives, finding the best people possible to deliver the brand’s message with accuracy and confidence. Trade show booth staff should also work to a specific strategy tailored to your business, designed to differentiate you from the competition. They can create reasons for prospects to want to see you again, gather real-time intelligence and work to improve your ROI all at once.

So, how does an agency find those people and recruit the best exhibition staff possible? Factors you should look out for include:

  • Having a team able to fill any skills gap: No one client is truly the same, and each have specific roles to fill. The right agency will work with experienced trade show staff able to fill a number of specific roles such as hostessing, attendee engagement, lead generation, presenting, demonstrating products, team leading, translating, onsite booth management and more.
  • Knowledge on targeting the right people: When building an exhibition strategy, managers should have a strong idea of the kind of prospects they’d like to attract most. Good staff will know just how to approach, entertain and communicate with those people to improve results.
  • Present the brand in creative, effective ways: No matter what role you need to recruit for your exhibition, the staff involved should meticulously research your brand and portray it in the best possible light, working to a creative script to attract the best prospects and close potential leads on the day.
  • Working with enthusiastic trade show talent: An agency should also be meticulous in picking the staff they partner with, asking tough questions and working to decide the situations they’ll be able to shine in the brightest.

Working with the right trade show staffing agency can be incredibly rewarding when your brand is looking to exhibit. Contact the Expo Stars team today to find out more.

Posted 07/08/2017