Four big benefits of working with a global trade show staffing agency

Posted 13/07/2017
Four big benefits of working with a global trade show staffing agency

The 52nd Paris Air Show – the oldest and largest aviation trade show in the world – went live at the end of June 2017, with hundreds of millions of pounds’ worth of deals expected over the six-day event. As trade shows go, there are very few events that can rival the Paris Air Show in terms of size, scale and revenue produced. In regards to trade show staffing, too, we feel the Paris Air Show has a lot of great examples that larger companies can take note of when they’re looking to expand internationally, build their brand name and nurture new professional relationships with potential leads.

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1: Overcoming the language barrier

The Paris Air Show is a truly international affair which attracts a global audience. The potential deals leads will be interested in on the day aren’t in any way small. Having professional, multilingual and personable trade show staff to hand can prove invaluable when communicating with multiple leads from different countries and different cultures.

Senior managers at larger firms who regularly exhibit, though, will know how difficult and expensive it can be to build a talented team of multilingual exhibition professionals internally. Working with the right trade show agency can be more cost-effective and provide easy access to a multinational and multifaceted team committed to working with your business.

 Four big benefits of working with a global trade show staffing agency

2: Trade show staffing that understands your brand

Globalisation has presented a lot of benefits to businesses looking to expand. It’s also presented a lot of challenges as well; is it worth the cost to a brand to constantly mobilise an internal sales team, dispatching them across the globe to work a trade show floor in regions and markets they have little experience of?

Working with a global trade show agency can help companies to enhance their presence in foreign regions, with experienced, professional, local based staff who are dedicated to their success and growth.

3: Intricate communications and support

Managers are often under a lot of pressure to improve productivity and results when it comes to exhibiting. They also have to keep on top of their own jobs, be visible when it comes to the trade show team, and increase the frequency and quality of the company’s leads.

Luckily, an experienced trade show agency can provide a single point of contact and provide 24/7 customer support, acting as an account manager to take some of the work off your manager’s plate.

4: A professional team that understands the B2B market

Most of the trade at the Paris Air Show will have been B2B contracts. The teams that will have been required to attract those leads and build strong relationships must be of an incredibly high calibre, able to understand the needs of potential customers, hold engaging conversation and nurture them towards a sale.

This is not an arena where trade show ‘swag’ will impress. B2B brands will see more impressive sales results and a far better ROI if they partner with a specialist trade show staffing agency. Crucially, this agency must be particular about its staff, employing exhibition professionals that are hugely adept at converting B2B leads.

Expo Stars is a trade show staffing agency with over a decade of experience working at more than 3,000 exhibitions worldwide. We have helped major brands to approach and convert B2B leads all around the world, in various industry sectors. Please get in touch to find out more.

Posted 13/07/2017