What kind of trade show staff do you need?

Posted 20/07/2017
What kind of trade show staff do you need?

Trust is key to a successful trade show. Trust in your staff’s ability to attract and convert potential prospects; trust in your company’s offering and messaging; and trust in your ability to manage all the various elements that contribute to a successful exhibition. For some marketing managers working to a tight budget, trusting in themselves and their trade show staff may be their strongest advantage.

Exhibition shows can be fantastic opportunities for you to engage potential customer and produce a real ROI for your business. Download our guide on how you can make the most of your exhibition with an effective strategy.

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It can be common for small and medium-sized businesses to feel like minnows in comparison to industry giants that have a huge marketing spend in reserve, as well as a full in-house events team. As a result, many ambitious marketing managers feel they have to work incredibly hard at trade show, putting themselves under enormous pressure to get the most out of their budget while keeping standards high.

With so much to do on the day, micro-managing trade show staff should be the least of their concerns. So what’s the alternative?

What kind of trade show staff do you need?

Different types of trade show staff available to your business

Putting your budget into experienced trade show staff can be a shrewd move in this situation. This can introduce you to a dedicated team, dedicated to spreading your business’s message, attracting a high volume of targeted leads and enhancing your professional reputation to boot.

However, it can be difficult for marketing managers to build a dedicated trade show team that can perform. There are numerous factors and costs to consider, including screening and selecting candidates, training and preparing them, providing uniforms, marketing materials and more.

Outsourcing to a professional trade show staff provider, though, can improve efficiencies and instantly provide you with an experienced team of specialists dedicated to supporting your business.  While you manage your exhibit and booths, Expo Stars can provide and manage trade show staff with a variety of skillsets.

Exhibition staffing isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation scenario. Specialist roles include:

  • Brand ambassadors: Perfect for experiential marketing displays, roadshows, product launches and shopping centre promotions. A brand ambassador will help to increase public awareness of your brand by distributing marketing materials and samples.
  • Booth hostesses/Promotional models/Spokesmodels: A great fit for trade show exhibitions, they are the face of your brand, welcoming prospects and providing light hospitality to maintain the booth, provide brand information and support the management team.
  • Lead generators/Crowd gatherers/Sales representatives: Ideal for trade exhibits, conferences, congresses and networking events, they are specialists in targeting the right prospects and qualifying the strength of leads by asking the right questions. They also attract footfall, promote the company, collect contact details and set up appointments.
  • Product demonstrators: A specially-trained product demonstrator will become incredibly familiar with your company’s products, and demonstrate them one-on-one with a bespoke script at trade exhibitions, congresses, conferences, roadshows and as part of creative experiential marketing campaigns.
  • EMCEE/Presenters/Moderators/Narrators: Performing to a live audience of potential prospects can be daunting. These specialists can deliver presentations, hold conversations, demonstrate products or act as a master of ceremonies at trade exhibitions, roadshows, congresses, conferences, networking events and awards dinners.
  • Event managers/Team leaders: The point-of-call at all types of events and shows, they’ll effectively manage a team of professional trade show staff as well as construct stands and event areas, on-site logistics and suppliers.
  • Interpreters/Translators: For businesses with international growth ambitions, or those looking to enter new markets that speak a foreign language, a translator is essential for interpreting professional conversations and mediating between parties.

If you’re looking for highly professional, personable and engaging trade show staff with a wide range of skills, contact Expo Stars to find out more about our professional offerings. We provide highly skilled and performance-driven staff that can attract and convert your ideal leads.

Posted 20/07/2017