What type of trade show booth staff do you need?

Posted 28/12/2017
What type of trade show booth staff do you need?

There are so many different reasons why marketing professionals and brand owners commission a trade show booth whenever an industry event rolls around.

They may want to showcase some new and existing products at an event to attract attention. They may want to attract new leads to their trade show booth to generate new business. They may want to show a bit more of themselves and let the world know they exist, and more.

For whatever reason you decide to exhibit, staffing a trade show booth with the right people to represent your brand is critical to success. We don’t mean by putting the most passionate people in your company in charge of your trade show booth; success out in the field is far more nuanced than that in modern exhibiting.

By hiring the right trade show booth staff who are experienced in their respective fields, you can invest in a team of specialists who can generate better, stronger leads on the day and go a long way to ensuring your brand makes a serious impact on the industry.

For instance, consider staffing a trade show booth with the following to increase your chances of success when:

Looking for new business

Many businesses like to save on costs by having members of internal staff man their trade show booth. Not only to save costs; some have a genuine belief that staff members are the perfect people to represent a company, underline its expertise and build connections when they want to attract new business.

A lot of the time that simply isn’t the case. Staff members plucked on the office can be shy, unsure how to approach people and get fatigued quite quickly. Having an experienced lead generator and crowd gatherer amongst your trade show booth staffing strategy can help you to better identify the best prospects on the day, collect key data that’s essential for growth and book appointments with them beyond the event.

Promoting new and existing products

Picture the scene; you’re at an event to show off a brand-new product your company has spent months developing and it’s making its debut, only to have a member of the team demonstrate it in the wrong ways and misrepresent its capabilities. Again, the above problem is the same; some people just aren’t natural salespeople.

Trade show booth staff with the experience of a product demonstrator and promotional model can effortlessly generate interest around new and existing products, not just showing the product in the best light possible but liaising with your company to gain as much knowledge and information as they can to answer any and every question attendees may have about the product on the day.

Exhibiting your brand

For ambitious brands that want to let those in and around the industry know they exist, a trade show booth marketed in the right way can make a real impact at a trade event on both competitors and attendees alike. Again though, if you want to make serious inroads your script needs to be perfect and delivered in the best way possible.

There’s no room for amateurs to make your brand look, well, amateurish. To that end a brand ambassador and a narrator can go a long way to telling the story of your company and why people should pay attention. For those exhibiting further afield, an interpreter can help your brand make a serious impact on international audiences.

Make an impact in your industry with professional trade show booth staffing that won’t let you down. Contact Expo Stars today to find out more.

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Posted 28/12/2017