How do you find professional & reliable trade show booth staff overseas?

Posted 12/09/2017
How do you find professional & reliable trade show booth staff overseas?

A big industry trade show is happening overseas and you’ve been invited. You’ve managed to secure an excellent spot to set up your exhibition space and are raring to go.

As excited, hopeful and as passionate as you may be, though, it means little unless you have a strong strategy laid out specifically designed to target, attract and ethically capture the data of the right people attending international B2B events. A large part of that success will depend on the quality and experience of the trade show booth staff you choose to work with on the day.

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Thanks to years of globalisation and the reach of the internet though, connecting with international prospects is easier than ever.  Creating an unbelievable, immediate experience to potential prospects at a trade show can go a long way to building stronger future relationships in ways that can’t be done online.

Finding the very best in international trade show booth staff

That can be much, much harder than you think, though. Say you have access to a trade show opportunity in the Far East. You can’t really expect your staff to learn your strategy and compensate for immediate changes in language and culture, much less expect everyone at the event to cater for you and speak your language if you haven’t prepared properly.

Exhibitions are stressful enough without having to find the right trade show staff, so the most common route is typically for managers and CEOs to outsource and find a team they can work with on the day to deliver their company message and generate interest.

There’s no one single way to do that, though. There are so many options and avenues for companies to head down when they want to work with a specialist B2B trade team, and while some may offer unique benefits and solutions to an international exhibition, they can also come with a unique set of challenges as well.

How to properly outsource your trade show booth staff

For instance, finding a supplier closer to home who will attend an exhibit with you can add a huge amount to your future expenses as they travel and take up accommodation with you and your team.

So, to save on those costs, surely it makes sense to invest in booth staff local to the area? Not necessarily; staffing a trade event is big business, and there are lots of ‘local’ suppliers who are looking to work with you whose skills may be questionable at best. At the same time, how can you guarantee that your investment will secure you a team that will fully research everything about you?

Event organisers themselves may also be able to recommend a supplier, but will they really be able to offer somebody in an impartial manner who really wants to help your team, or people looking at a lucrative commission?

Working with Expo Stars can provide the best of all worlds for brands exhibiting further afield, able to source extremely professional and knowledgeable staff across the globe and providing a single point of contact to international exhibitors, 24/7.

Whether you want professional booth staff, brand ambassadors, lead generators, translators and more for your next international trade show, contact Expo Stars and work with a team as passionate about your success as you are.

Download your free guide to strategy, staffing and attendee engagement for exhibitions

Posted 12/09/2017