Why promotional staff work is the best job you’ve never heard of

Posted 07/09/2017
Why promotional staff work is the best job you’ve never heard of

Working as professional promotional staff can be an incredibly rewarding career for people with an interest in delivering creative marketing solutions whilst building serious professional relationships.

The events landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Over the last few years, thanks to new opportunities granted by smartphone apps and a shift in mentality, factors such as big data, the quality of the interactions and the emotional connection created by the content on offer has overtaken the turn-up-and-pitch way of doing things.

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When some people think of promotional staff, they may think of somebody who stands around and hands out leaflets to passers-by. Not anymore; modern promotional staff work is far more fulfilling, interesting, engaging and rewarding than it’s ever been before, allowing employees in the industry to develop their unique skills, meet new people and provide an incredible service to clients at the same time.

How promotional staff work continues to evolve

Promotional staff work is becoming increasingly popular for people looking to build a career in event marketing. One reason is thanks to the rise of experiential marketing; creating an event for potential leads and clients that’s all about delivering a unique, emotional and creative experience that revolves around the quality of the interaction.

Clipper Teas for example has recently created an experiential event that was not only fun and experimental (created with the intent to deliver something new to the world of public tea tastings) but also had a clear vision for success in sight.

Alongside working with promotional staff such as The Clipperettes, a three-piece female vocal group that wanted to get across the message that Clipper Teas has ‘flavour that sings’, the event also revolved around getting people to taste their product and measure their reactions. It was also designed to educate consumers about green tea; a pitch that would have been incredibly dry and hard to pull off without the help of creative promotional staff.

Great promotions are about more than having fun

Experiential is helping promotional staff to be more creative and fun in their marketing endeavours, but working with the right agency on the right campaigns and strategies is also helping them to unlock their potential and discover more of what they’re capable of in the world of trade show promotions.

People attending trade events – especially B2B events where they’re looking to make connections with potential new partners – don’t want to be given leaflets. They want intelligent conversation, quality interactions and made to feel like somebody who matters.

A language expert looking for a new career move for instance could work as a professional interpreter for specific events. People with natural flair can work as crowd gatherers, people with serious sales skills can use their natural talents to capture valuable leads on the day and people who like to get seriously involved can become brand ambassadors, standing for everything a client represents and spreading its message far and wide.

Professional promotional experts can involve themselves in interesting projects at well-paid rates, work to hours they’re comfortable with in a flexible manner, and fulfil their potential in customer-facing sectors with the right agency.  Even international promotional work opportunities are available for those willing to travel.

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Posted 07/09/2017