Hiring promotional staff? Look for these four qualities

Posted 31/10/2017
Hiring promotional staff? Look for these four qualities

When it comes to promoting your business at a trade show, more often than not the quality of the promotional staff you have representing you on the show floor will be the difference between turning an interested prospect into somebody that will want to work alongside your company in the long-term.

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Times are changing in the exhibition scene, though. Companies that employ a trade show lead generation strategy to grow their business are more likely to capture better prospect data and build stronger relationships with people more likely to convert. For serious companies that exhibit regularly, it’s no longer enough to have promotional staff who work the floor with a clipboard.

Promotional staff work has evolved. Choosing booth staff who specialise in a number of different trade show niches can not only help you to capture better leads on the day of the event, but save you money and show a more personable side to your brand.

How do you know which promotional staff work to your strengths, though, and which professionals will best represent your company whilst providing an impressive ROI during each and every event? It will help if you assess:

1: Their personality

It’s easy to say having a great personality is all you need when commissioning promotional staff work, but that’s not strictly the case. Yes, they should have a great personality and be approachable, but it also helps to have access to booth staff who are as committed to your business’s growth as you are.

Great promotional staff will work alongside you to integrate themselves fully with the brand they’re representing, learning as much as they possibly can about who you are, what you do and the lead generation strategy you’re working to to maximise results as much as possible every time you exhibit.

2: Their lead generation skills

There’s that word again… Can lead generation really be an effective skill on the trade show floor? It can; what’s more, if you work with the right agency and the promotional staff they can provide, you can also get measurable results to tweak your strategy to improve your future showings at other events.

Good booth staff will be able to slot into your overall lead generation strategy on the day, focusing on their job and using the depths of their experience and personality to target the right prospects, make them feel comfortable, direct them to the next part of the user journey if necessary or collect their data in ethical ways.

3: Their specialities

To generate the right leads and target the best prospects on the day, your promotional staff need to understand their role in your wider trade show strategy, work to the brief and show off the skills they’ve built over time in a particular area.

For example, instead of an all-in-one booth representative, better results could be collected by hiring a specialist crowd gatherer to attract people before leading them to a product demonstrator and then onto a lead generation specialist. Those exhibiting abroad can also make use of professional interpreters and translators, too.

4: Their flexibility

What’s worse than planning a trade event only to have somebody call in sick on the day, or have your hands tied by a key member of staff who’s booked time off during the week you’re supposed to exhibit?

Working with a professional trade staffing agency can negate that problem. Not only can they provide qualified booth experts specialising in lead generation, but can also provide international flexibility in any international territory, providing 24/7 support to ensure there’s always a solution should the worst-case scenario ever happen on the day.

Expo Stars has access to over 2,500 multilingual promotional experts across the world. We’re very particular about our professionals and have staffed over 3,000 exhibitions in over 100 cities across 53 countries. Contact us to find out more.

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Posted 31/10/2017