3 reasons pharma brands should hire a promotional staffing agency

Posted 16/02/2018
3 reasons pharma brands should hire a promotional staffing agency

Working with a promotional staffing specialist brings with it many advantages when you’re looking to exhibit at a trade show. One of the most important is that the people they provide work incredibly hard to learn about the company, the products and its services to give the best impression possible when they represent the business to potential leads on the floor.

It’s one of the main reasons why companies turn to professional staffing solutions when they exhibit, especially in niche industries. Their internal staff may have specific knowledge exhibitors feel they need to get across to leads on the floor. Understandable, but internal staff may not have the stamina and other skills necessary to complement that knowledge with professional lead generation capabilities.

An experienced promotional staffing agency provides the best of both worlds, particularly for those in niche industries looking to make a real impact on the show floor.

3 reasons pharma brands should hire a promotional staffing agency

Promotional staffing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Let’s consider what a promotional staffing agency can provide to companies in the pharmaceutical industry, for instance. Pharma companies need to provide different ways to attract interest and engage with attendees. They can’t go giving out free samples of their products, for instance, due to specific rules and regulations.

Consider a recent survey of IT professionals that suggests 63% of trade show attendees in that niche say the top dealbreaker is when “the vendor is selling, not educating” and you can see where other problems arise when it comes to promotional staffing in specialist industries.

With 84% saying they’re willing to look at new vendors, it’s essential for pharma companies to be as open, creative, entertaining and knowledgeable as possible to attract, nurture and convert the leads most important to them at each and every trade show.

Promotional staffing can help to combine product knowledge with professional trade show lead generation techniques for pharmaceutical clients. Ways they can help include:

  • Providing attendee engagement strategies: Though pharma companies may not be able to give away product samples, the right promotional staffing team can help them to instead build a creative strategy that attracts targeted leads to stands creatively with other features, with the aim to turn them into qualified sales prospects that will potentially boost their ROI.
  • Making best use of the space available: A successful trade show strategy doesn’t require acres of space. Smaller booths featuring the right promotional staffing provider will supply specialist booth experts who have extreme knowledge of your products and services, and are also able to provide a user journey that has a beginning, middle and end to collect attendee data in ethical ways.
  • Providing local based professional staff: Great promotional staff have engaging personalities, incredible communication skills, are multilingual, multifaceted and – most importantly – are desperate to see the companies they work with succeed. By hiring brand ambassadors, promotional models, lead generators, crowd gatherers, product demonstrators, presenters, event managers, translators and more, pharma companies can create incredible user journeys and attract the most profitable leads for them on the day of the exhibition.

Find out more about how pharmaceutical companies and those in other niche industries can work with promotional staff to boost their growth potential by speaking to the Expo Stars team today.


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Posted 16/02/2018