Market to millennials using a promotional staffing agency

Posted 04/01/2018
Market to millennials using a promotional staffing agency

Marketing to different generations can be difficult, with older marketers and those at more established brands at times struggling to get their point across to younger audiences such as millennials, especially at trade shows. It’s something that an approach with professional staffing can help you conquer.

So, what’s the problem? Millennials are only human, after all? Millennials can be notoriously difficult to market to. Their natural digital-savviness means they can be picky, and they have a greater awareness that they are being advertised to and the techniques marketers use to capture their attention.

They have different priorities than previous generations, and if you can align to them you can attract loyal millennial customers for life. Those who adapt and provide millennials with the personalisation and technological integrations they crave can befriend a market that will have £24trillion in annual buying power by 2020. Here’s how you can do that with the right promotional staffing solutions.

Promotional staffing solutions help you build professional relationships

Working with the right promotional staffing agency as part of a wider event marketing plan can not only help you reach out to millennials almost immediately, but also put plans in place to better target the most valuable prospects at trade show across all demographics and generate the most relevant leads to grow your business.

Did you know, for instance, that Generation Z (aged between 11 and 18) don’t shop online nearly as much as millennials do despite them using more digital platforms at the same time? That can come as a surprise to many as Generation Z arguably has a more natural affinity with technology than their elders.

How does that relate to promotional staffing and lead generation when marketing, though? It matters a lot; the rise of experiential marketing is a big hit with millennial audiences thanks to the experience-driven and personable nature of the events they attend. Nearly 8 in 10 (77%) of millennials say some of their best memories are from an event or live experience they attended or participated in, for instance.

Promotional staffing is the ultimate personal approach

To put it simply, younger audiences want to be engaged and be given information that presents them with the ability to make more mindful choices. If you can convey those virtues with the right promotional staffing when you attend an event, then you have a greater chance of attracting millennial leads that matter most to your growth.

By introducing a promotional staffing strategy that focuses on those points instead of standing to one side and expecting traffic to interact with you naturally, then your brand has a higher chance of collecting data and organising meetings with millennial customers and decision makers who can become long-term brand advocates.

A promotional staffing agency can supply you with ready-made lead generation professionals for your event including crowd gatherers, product demonstrators, narrators, spokesmodels, brand ambassadors and more who have a keen understanding of the millennial mindset and care as much about your brand as you do.

Find out more about how targeted lead generation can complement any events strategy by speaking to the Expo Stars team today.

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Posted 04/01/2018