Mastering Exhibitions with TEO

Posted 23/11/2023
Mastering Exhibitions with TEO

New to managing your company’s exhibitions? You’re not alone: According to Freeman Events Research Report 2023, 60% of post-COVID corporate exhibit managers are new to the industry. Building new skills can be tricky, especially if you entered the industry when in-person events were limited, leading to a lack of hands-on experience with traditional exhibition management tasks.  

Additional pressures like increased competition, budget constraints, and keeping up-to-date with the latest technology can make optimising your trade show performance more challenging. Accessible, practical, and results-driven training has never been more important to give you the upper hand. This was emphasised during the UNI Congress, which our managing director, Lee Ali, recently attended. 


What exactly did Lee learn at the UNI Congress? 

Lee’s recent presence at the UFI Congress wasn’t merely a networking opportunity, it was a profound dive into the evolving exhibition landscape. With 836 members across 86 countries, UFI represents the collective voice of 50,000 industry professionals. The UFI seal, gracing over 957 events globally, serves as an enduring symbol of unwavering quality and excellence.   

Lee’s journey provided insights into the core challenges faced by the industry. As previously mentioned, the statistic revealing that 60% of exhibit managers entered the industry post-COVID underscores the critical need for comprehensive education in strategy, engagement, and ROI. According to Lee, there is a significant presence of individuals with limited experience overseeing exhibitions for the first time, lacking the understanding of the essential elements for achieving success at a trade show. Therefore, educational initiatives such as our TEO Masterclass play a crucial role in assisting the new exhibit managers in comprehending the importance of trade shows and the necessary framework for success in their roles. 

To finish the trip off in style, Lee had the pleasure of driving an Aston Martin and a Ferrari around the Las Vegas Speedway track and, even better, enjoying a front-row performance from U2 at the “Just WOW” Sphere Las Vegas.

What is TEO and why did we create It? 

You’ve heard of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but have you considered its counterpart for trade shows? Trade Show Engagement Optimisation (TEO) employs a similar methodology. Just as your website serves as a storefront, showcasing expertise and capturing qualified leads, your exhibition booth plays a similar role. TEO was initially designed to enhance trade show performance, striving for better results for exhibitors. Developed through managing over 3000 projects globally since 2007, TEO stands as the playbook for high-performance exhibitions.

How TEO can help you / What to expect 

Our goal is to outline how TEO transforms the journey for both seasoned professionals and new exhibit managers, providing a detailed explanation of the process. We offer insights into effective. trade show lead generation. Join our TEO Masterclass and you’ll get:

  1. Comprehensive eBook: “Your Trade Show Engagement Optimisation Strategy: The 5 Pillars to Exhibition Success,” providing further insights into effective trade show lead generation.  
  2. Personalised Report: Address your unique exhibiting challenges.  
  3. 1-hour Consultation: Engage with an exhibition specialist to create a strategic plan for your next exhibition. 


What will you gain? 

 If you want to get better results from your exhibitions, the TEO Masterclass is an essential investment. You’ll  learn to:  

  • Strategically plan your exhibition process. 
  • Actively engage with attendees to turn them into warm leads. 
  • Optimise your booth staff selection for maximum impact. 
  • Vet KPIs to ensure ROI alignment. 
  • Establish a solid follow-up process to convert leads into customers.

TEO steps into the spotlight, filling the void in formal education for exhibit managers and providing a blueprint for measurable and impactful exhibition performance.

Testimonials from TEO Masterclass attendees

Here’s what one of our participants had to say:

“Having attended numerous exhibitor days, this was the first exhibitor Masterclass that went beyond the usual stand do’s and don’ts kind of training and provided real strategies for achieving exhibition success…”  

–  EventTech/Event Sustainability Live Exhibitor Masterclass Sept 2023. 

Getting feedback like this motivates our commitment to excellence and drives us to put in even more effort to positively influence exhibition strategies for our exhibitors. 

Ready to transform your approach to trade shows? 

Unlock a fresh outlook and perspective for your next exhibition with TEO – the ultimate exhibition engagement tool. Boost your exhibition performance by enrolling today.  

Connect with Lee on LinkedIn for exclusive industry insights and updates. Don’t miss out on the latest news of TEO Masterclass. 


Posted 23/11/2023