20% leap in quality leads for Sync

Posted 21/12/2023
20% leap in quality leads for Sync

Sync, a technology solution provider for education and public sectors, faced complicated trade show challenges. Our Trade Show Engagement Optimisation (TEO) Workshop and staff training significantly improved their exhibition approach and skills. Leading to a 20% increase in quality leads for one of their largest events, alongside other big wins.  


Who is Sync?  

Sync supports companies across education, B2B and public sectors to get the most out of Apple technology. They resupply quality devices and offer personalised training and support. Making sure that every bit of tech works to their clients’ advantage. 

The company has a national reach, with 86 employees and a 200 million turnover. They exhibit in key events throughout the year. This Includes local events and large exhibitions, such as Bett, an education technology trade show, and HETT, a healthcare and digital health exhibition.  


A need for strategic trade show expertise 

Sync invests in trade shows as a significant sales driver. Key to their success?  Equipping their trade show team with the skills and confidence needed to make memorable first impressions and identify quality leads. This strategic approach is vital in building a robust sales pipeline. 

Sync also recognised the need for a strategic approach to trade shows. One that maximises opportunities both during and after the event.  

But they struggled to pinpoint their shortcomings and know how to tackle them effectively. This reflects a general lack of specialised trade show education. There’s a noticeable void in education specifically tailored to mastering trade show exhibitions, an area where Sync, like many, seeks targeted expertise. 


Enhancing trade show results with TEO  

Previously, Sync collaborated with Expo Stars for staffing support. We provided skilled lead generators to help them. These specialists identified qualified visitors for their sales team, eliminating cold leads. The sales team were able to spend time on the most promising prospects. 

It was the start of a rewarding partnership. Sync chose Expo Stars to help them refine their exhibition strategy through our TEO Workshop. 


Aligning business growth with exhibition strategy 

We kicked off with a friendly yet focused call involving Sync’s Marketing Manager, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Sales Officer. We sought to understand their ultimate growth ambitions and how these aspirations steer their current decision-making. 

We asked:  

  • How do you use exhibitions to achieve your business goals? 
  • How do the exhibitions fit into your wider business strategy? 
  • How do you choose exhibitions? 
  • How is your exhibitions ROI processed and integrated into your CRM system? 

A clear understanding of Sync’s exhibition approach unfolded. We started to see how to improve their trade show strategy by unlocking missed opportunities. 


Interrogating the attendee journey  

Sync had a firm grasp of their ideal customer profile. Using this knowledge, we encouraged them to consider the journey these attendees anticipate. Through probing questions, we examined the guidance provided to their booth teams on effectively engaging with leads. 

We also explored their strategies for engaging this target audience beyond the exhibition floor. Were they nurturing leads through additional events to foster relationships and enhance brand awareness?  


New insights for a strategic advantage  

Following our discovery sessions, we created an easy-to-understand report. It featured recommendations and opportunities for improvement, pinpointing gaps in their current exhibition strategy.  

This report offered the crucial outside perspective Sync needed. It prompted them to reevaluate their current activities, discerning their value and identifying necessary changes.  


Having the right metrics in place  

Our report helped Sync sharpen their focus on success metrics. Initially, their ROI calculations were centred primarily on acquiring new customers. Through our discussions, they recognised the immense value in engaging with existing customers at trade shows.  

These events offer a crucial additional touchpoint, especially for decision-makers in education institutions and public sector leadership teams. Sync came to understand that these interactions hold a lot of value for their business, enriching relationships and reinforcing their market presence. 

Staff training for better trade show performance  

We recommended targeted training sessions for Sync’s booth staff, the key players on the trade show front lines. These roles, crucial for one-to-many interactions, are central to successful exhibition outcomes. In fact, 85% of your success at exhibitions depends on your booth staff’s performance,  

Our training covered key areas to empower Sync’s team: 

  • Effective communication: training in methods for positive, impactful attendee engagement
  • Lead qualification: strategies for identifying and interacting with potential leads
  • Booth etiquette: guidelines on professional and approachable behaviour at the booth
  • Target audience recognition: techniques to accurately identify the real target audience

This program focused on enhancing their skills for dynamic engagement at trade shows. By instilling confidence and clarity in their goals, we equipped them to be standout performers. 


Unlocking new leads with enhanced trade show tactics 

We showed Sync the benefits of going the extra mile to impress qualified attendees. This led to innovative ideas like hosting special dinners for select customers and prospects. A great example was the leadership dinner Sync organised for top education leaders at Bett 2023. This smart, expert-recommended move left a lasting impression. 

We also conducted a mystery shop at their booth and discovered their team’s proactive approach was unmatched. They were the stars of the show, actively engaging visitors. This positive change showcased just how much they’d grown, standing out confidently in a sea of exhibitors. 


20% uplift in quality leads  

After Bett 2023, Sync’s largest event so far, they saw a 20% increase in quality leads. It’s clear they paid close attention to our training sessions and workshops. They put in the effort and used what they learnt to make a real difference in reaching their goals. 

We’re now gearing up for more training sessions for their sales teams. Our aim is to sharpen their skills further, helping Sync not only reach but maybe even surpass their commercial objectives.  

Adil Ladha, Marketing Manager at Sync, shared his thoughts on working with us: 


“The Expo Stars team are friendly, knowledgeable and make collaboration effortless. They have a knack for uncovering those crucial questions that lead to real progress. Their insights helped us spot and fill gaps in our trade show strategy, uncovering chances we might’ve otherwise missed. Thanks to them, our team went into exhibitions feeling more prepared and confident than ever, which really showed in their performance. We’re excited to keep partnering with Expo Stars to get even more out of our exhibitions.” 


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Posted 21/12/2023