Introducing the TEO Masterclass – Exhibition Excellence Exemplified

Posted 29/03/2023
Introducing the TEO Masterclass – Exhibition Excellence Exemplified

In a world where you need to make sure every pound count in your business, wasting time and money on poor exhibiting shouldn’t be an option. 

For a tradeshow at a major venue in the UK, you are looking at around £300-£350 per square metre, which means even for a small exhibition stand it’s likely to cost around £3000. This means for it to pay off, you need to ensure you’re ROI KPIs are in excess of this amount. 

Are your alarm bells ringing? 

If they are, please don’t worry because we’re here to tell you about our latest playbook for exhibition success, the TEO Masterclass. 

A step-by-step guide to your best exhibition yet 

Similarly, to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Trade Show Engagement Optimisation (TEO) follows a similar methodology. 

Your exhibition acts as your shop window. It’s your tool to help demonstrate your expertise to capture qualified leads for your sales team to convert. 

You want your booth to attract high-quality traffic, but you need to ensure your team has the right skills to engage your visitors. By doing this you’re opening the door to more chances of converting visitors into those red-hot leads; the reason you came to exhibit in the first place. 

That’s why we created the TEO Masterclass to ensure you are primed and ready to take your exhibiting to the next level. 

But why should I sign up for the TEO Masterclass? What will I gain? 

By attending our TEO masterclass, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Strategically plan your exhibition process 
  • Learn how to actively engage with attendees at your next exhibition to turn them into warm, hot leads 
  • Discover how to choose your booth staff to ensure you get the most out of your exhibition masterclass 
  • Vet your KPIs to ensure you know how many attendees you need to engage to meet your ROI 
  • Unlock a solid follow-up process to further engage your leads and turn them into customers 

As an added bonus, you’ll also receive: 

  • Our 26-page eBook, Your Trade Show Engagement Optimisation Strategy: The 5 Pillars to Exhibition Success, gives you further teachings on the foundations for effective trade show lead generation. 
  • A personalised report helps you to address your unique problems when it comes to exhibiting. 
  • A free 1-hour consultation with an exhibition specialist to vet your report further and create a plan of attack ahead of your next exhibition. 
  • The masterclass is the ultimate exhibition engagement tool, giving you a fresh perspective heading into your next exhibition and a new vision of what success looks like. 

Benefits for all 

The TEO Masterclass is for exhibitors to exceed their expectations and make real ground whenever they exhibit. This is why we urge Organisers and Exhibit Builders to see the added value in our masterclass for you as well. 


Once your exhibitors have completed our masterclass, they will arrive on the show floor prepped and motivated to maximise every opportunity.  

By hosting a TEO Masterclass ahead of your exhibition, they’ll understand that you truly care about how their exhibition goes and that you want them to succeed which is why you signed them up for the TEO Masterclass. 

Ultimately, they’ll see results, you see repeat business, and referrals. It’s a win, win all round.  

Exhibit Builders 

Your business is building attention-grabbing stands and creating captivating marketing campaigns. You’re the gatekeepers of serving up a world of opportunities for exhibitors on a silver platter. 

However, time and time again, your clients lack a solid exhibition strategy which leads to a poor showing. You can have the most beautiful stage in the world but if there is no substance behind it, exhibitors will fail. 

The TEO Masterclass will provide your customers with a better service, giving them access to a powerful strategy, elite training, engagement-optimised trained staff, and tried and tested lead generation tools. 

In our eyes, it’s a no-brainer. 

As easy as TEO 

The TEO Masterclass is the go-to exhibition tool to level up your exhibitor’s exhibition techniques and change the way your people approach exhibitions full stop. If you’re not convinced by what we’ve shared and want to know more about TEO, get in touch. 

We’re more than ready to show you why the TEO Masterclass will revolutionise exhibiting techniques and help your exhibitors tenfold. 

If you’re ready to unlock a realm of new possibilities for your exhibitors, be sure to have Expo Stars in mind. 

Posted 29/03/2023