Planning for international trade show marketing: The basics

Posted 17/10/2017
Planning for international trade show marketing: The basics

So, you’re finally ready to take your company to new heights by exhibiting at a respected, international trade show. The chance is there to mingle with some hard-hitters in your industry, attract new leads that will help take you to the next level and – if all goes to plan – shows you as a serious competitor on a larger platform.

For many though, it can be hard adjusting to the international stage when they start out. The key for good trade show marketing, though, lies in getting the basics right as soon as possible. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, we say…

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Getting the trade show marketing basics right time will not only help to consistently breed long-term success on the international scene, but can also save you money. Planning properly is essential when exhibiting abroad.

So, what should you be considering when hitting the road on a basic level and exhibiting at a trade show beyond your usual boundaries?

1: Regionalise your lead generation strategy

Many think that lead generation is more a proponent of the online world, but with the right trade show marketing strategy, businesses across any and every sector can capture consistent and fresh lead data that’s also incredibly measurable when it comes to calculating returns and more.

Implementing a trade show lead generation strategy as soon as you possibly can can help you target better leads, transparently collect their information and convert them. A few tweaks may be all you need to carry that strategy to an international level; is your booth staff able to communicate in a foreign language and how much do they know the area and its local customs? Outsourcing to an agency with access to experienced international booth staff can help you solve that problem.

2: Pick a team that can best action your trade show marketing strategy abroad

Again, outsourcing to an agency that has access to international, experienced trade show booth talent can also enhance your lead generation strategy and save you money at the same time. A good agency is able to call on booth representatives the world over, saving your business on transport costs, accommodation and much more besides.

Those same experts are also able to communicate in local languages and have knowledge of the local area, as well as having vast experience in trade events, representing brands and their own niche areas. Choosing a team that complements your overall trade show strategy is a great way to save on budget and improve on the user experience for the day by hiring professional ambassadors, hostesses, product demonstrators, presenters and others.

3: Cut down on glitz with professional booth staff

It’s astounding the amount of money some companies spend on ‘trade show swag’ or investing in oversized booths, graphics and technology to try and make a statement on the international stage and attract attention.

From experience we know that it can be money wasted. Branded tote bags, pens, watches and more don’t come anywhere close to generating the leads that an experienced, creative and personable team of booth staff can. By keeping things simple and putting budget into booth professionals experienced in lead generation instead of showy products can attract better potential customers, make them feel more comfortable and build the right relationships with people that will matter to your long-term growth.

Exhibiting at a trade show abroad and want to generate better leads? The right strategy and booth staff are the best way to do it; contact Expo Stars today to find out more.

Download your free guide to strategy, staffing and attendee engagement for exhibitions

Posted 17/10/2017