Make a great first impression with your trade show booth staffing

Posted 05/07/2017
Make a great first impression with your trade show booth staffing

It’s worth investing in experienced and qualified trade show staffing to really make an impact at an exhibition, make instant connections with potential leads and achieve a good return on investment. However, some companies are still convinced they can make a real impact with branded giveaways and competition prizes. Here’s our take on the subject.

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Superficial swag culture

There can be a superficial side to trade show life that is becoming increasingly hard to ignore. Some call it a ‘swag’ culture; the insistence of brands trying to outdo the competition and attract attention by having flashier freebies than others at their exhibition stands.

It’s easy to see why some exhibitors adopt a ‘swag’ tactic. If they produce branded gifts that potential leads can take away with them on the day – pens, toys, shirts – all wrapped up neatly in a branded bag, then they’ll stick in a person’s mind long after the exhibit ends, right?

It’s an interesting train of thought, but an expensive one, and one that may not get the best results. Free pens are everywhere; is it really worth producing your own in the hope that a potential customer picks it up one day and thinks of you?

 Make a great first impression with your trade show staffing

How to really impress prospects at a trade show

Most industry experts in the exhibition industry agree that their most valuable expenditure when attending a trade show is staffing. Working with professionals who have vast experience within the trade circuit, know how to properly represent a brand, and deliver effective messaging in a personable manner will often make the biggest impact when it comes to generating targeted leads.

The right trade show staffing could also provide a far stronger ROI than investing in branded gifts. This is especially the case for larger brands that regularly attend exhibitions and use them as a primary method of building relationships with new clients.

Some companies also think it’s enough to get internal staff to represent the brand at a trade show. The theory behind such a move can be sound – these individuals are already on the payroll, and understand the company offering and how to represent the brand. However, not everybody has the ability to move from an in-house role in the office to a lead generation role in a public arena. Sometimes, it can be well worth outsourcing your trade show staffing.

Make a great first impression with your trade show booth staffing

Add a new dimension to your brand with proper trade show staffing

Experienced, approachable and multilingual staff can provide enormous benefits when it comes to attracting interest, collecting information and building long-term relationships at trade exhibitions.

That experience is something that can take a long time to train internally. For larger companies especially, and even senior managers with ambitions for international growth, it’s important to have access to the right individuals in the right locations, adding practical barriers into the mix.

Resources can be found externally, though. Expo Stars is an experienced trade show staffing specialist, providing professional trade staff to work closely with companies to enhance and promote their message.

As an investment opportunity, this can make a lot more sense than spending money on one-off branded freebies that may make their way into the bin as soon as people leave the exhibition hall. For every clever piece of event swag out there, there are thousands more paper weights and keychains. A personal approach to exhibitor engagement can be the difference between catching someone’s attention for a moment and turning them into a long-term customer.

The right trade show staffing can improve your organisation’s productivity and profitability, offering real return on investment at industry exhibitions. Expo Stars provide clients with a single point of contact for efficient event management, and believe in growing your business as much as you do. Contact us today to find out more.

Posted 05/07/2017