Finding the Right Staff for your Next Exhibition

Posted 10/02/2022
Finding the Right Staff for your Next Exhibition

Booth Staff

If it’s cold outside and you have the choice of two jackets, a lightweight jacket or a warm parka coat, which do you choose? Both are jackets, designed to be an external layer but quite clearly one is more equipped than the other.

It’s a case of determining which is most apt for the job.

When applying this methodology to your business, would you send employees who are ill-equipped to exhibitions? Or choose professional booth staff who know how to work the exhibition floor like the back of their hand?

Your employees are more than likely excellent at their job but putting your people that far out of their comfort zone can often lead to a lower ROI – wasting both money and time.

This blog aims to provide you with the common pitfalls businesses take when exhibiting and how Expo Stars can help you level up your exhibitions.

Exhibition Excitement to Exhibition Exhaustion

So, the stage is set, your stand is built, and your live event budget that’s been sat on the bench the last two years has finally been spent.

You’re filled with excitement and cannot wait to reap the rewards of a profitable exhibition but, unfortunately, the leads you generate aren’t hot and you fail to gain a profitable ROI.

At this point, it is incredibly easy to start pointing fingers and blaming your employees.

You’ll be thinking: “Well, they were running the event, so they are responsible for the outcomes!”.

However, blaming Tony from Accounting or Claire, your Senior Account Manager won’t get you anywhere. You’ll just be left with disgruntled employees that feel they were inappropriately dropped in at the deep end.

So, what should you do instead?

The point we are trying to get across is, if you send an employee who isn’t suited or trained to the exhibition landscape, then you have already sealed your failure. If you are at this stage, you really should be checking your process.

We are advocates for consistently checking your process.

Train your Staff

It’s important to understand which of your employees are willing to attend your exhibition. This is because, when an employee shows a willingness to learn, you should present them options to do so.

However, if they aren’t qualified it could be wise to partner them up with a trained professional booth staff. By doing this you not only get an employee who can be your eyes and ears on the ground but also a trained staff who has an abundance of experience to take control and show your employees the ‘exhibition ropes’.

Choosing your Staff

Before selecting your exhibition staff, it’s important to understand your target audience.

Create a team based upon the traits that your audience require, increasing the opportunites of generating warm, genuine leads that elevate your chances of delivering a memorable exhibition for both your company and your prospects.

At Expo Stars, we provide only the best exhibition experts who measure up to our high standards – seasoned professionals with vast experience, extensive communication skills, enthusiasm, self-confidence, professionalism, and persuasiveness.

Understanding the Brief

When you hire professional booth staff for your exhibition it’s important, they know what your business does.

You wouldn’t want a paid staff turning up to your event not knowing what you do, what your mission and values are, and not being able to deliver the results you desire. The importance of understanding a good solid brief to give to your staff is important for the delivery and success of your exhibition.

Without it, you are destined for a repeat of your last exhibition.

The Only Way is Up

When it comes to event exhibitions, finding the right staff is perhaps is the most important thing you can do.

But only if you have the experts to engage prospects and create connections.

In a noisy world where brands are competing for attention and distractions are around every turn, live events offer a golden opportunity for your business to make a real human connection with your target audience.

At Expo Stars, we are instrumental in delivering professional booth staff that can improve your ROI at your next exhibition. 

Let us be the one to upskill your staff or elevate your next exhibition by tapping into our 2,500 global teams who are masters of face-to-face engagement. We can be on hand to support you as exhibition partner, and ensure that we always optimise your budget, keeping your core team on task and assist in building your brand worldwide. 

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Posted 10/02/2022