Expo Star(s) of the Month – February 2020 – Fernanda and Jemelin – London

Posted 23/03/2020
Expo Star(s) of the Month – February 2020 – Fernanda and Jemelin – London
Expo Star of the Month
Expo Star of Month Feb 2020

Our Expo Star of the month award for February 2020 goes to our awesome duo Jemelin and Fernanda for their outstanding work at Oracle OpenWorld in London.

Oracle OpenWorld joined the brilliant, inspired, hard-working and passionate people redefining what is achievable in business, and the technology empowering them. Business decision-makers, IT managers and line-of-business end users were among the attendees attracted by the bold ideas and breakthrough technologies presented at the convention.

After a successful experience last year with Jemelin and Fernanda at the same event, the client – one of the largest accounting organisation and professional services network in the world – was delighted to have them both on the team again this year to proactively attract and engage visitors to the booth.

Being their usual bubbly, engaging and energetic selves, Jemelin and Fernanda successfully encouraged visitors to take part in the booth activity and they also gathered crowds for the presentations on the booth. Here’s the fantastic client feedback we received from the client on their performance:

The girls were AMAZING, as usual! They were so helpful and really just got on with it without much assistance needed. Everyone loved them and they really interacted with the visitors well.

Congratulations, Jemelin and Fernanda, for yet another amazing performance at Oracle OpenWorld, and thank you for your great, consistent and hard work over the years too!

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Posted 23/03/2020