Expo Stars of the Month- November 2019

Posted 19/12/2019
Expo Stars of the Month- November 2019

This November the Expo Stars of the month award goes to the Salon del Manga team in Barcelona! The team was made up of 18 of our talent and headed by our very own Hannah.

This show was particularly special as it was Salon del Manga’s 25th Anniversary which featured a huge Dragon Ball World Adventure exhibition.

The team’s role was to help facilitate the activities on the client’s stand to create brand awareness and ensure all visitors had a great experience.

The activities were part of the Dragon Ball World Adventure tour and were extremely popular amongst visitors – especially the giveaways and prizes which the team managed amazingly. These activities included photo booths, game demo areas, stage area, a workshop, and social media interactions.

The main goal of the client’s stand was entertainment. The team did a fantastic job creating a buzz around the client’s brand and ensuring visitors had a positive and interactive experience at their stand. Not only did the team successfully engage face to face with the stand visitors, but this high level of engagement was also mirrored on social media leading to an increased reach in brand awareness.

Hannah, Director of Operations at Expo Stars and team lead for the event expressed how brilliant the team were. “Everyone pulled together as a team to deliver the client’s objectives and it was a really enjoyable experience. They were all amazing and proactive with a great work ethic. A lot of team members really went above and beyond to ensure the client was happy and were very engaging, energetic and outgoing.”

The client was also extremely happy with the team and commented that there are future team leaders amongst them. As well as expressing how well they performed their tasks and stayed very cheerful throughout the long days. The client wrote “Thanks to Expo Stars and the excellent service provided by your delightful team, I would like to make a special compliment to Hannah Barlow. She took care of the details of each task, scheduling everybody’s breaks, taking over the position when one is on break, and more than anything she kept her smile all the time during the show. It was really wonderful working with her, and we are looking forward to working together again in the future.”

Congratulations to the Salon del Manga team for your continuous hard work and positivity. We look forward to working with each one of you again.

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Posted 19/12/2019