Expo Star(s) of the Month – November 2018

Posted 17/12/2018
Expo Star(s) of the Month – November 2018
Expo Star of the Month Nov 2018
Expo Star of the Month November 2018

For November 2018, we are pleased to announce that our Expo Star of the Month Award goes to not an amazing individual but a dynamic duo over in the USA: JoAndra and Rosalie, who made a great team while working as Engagers for our client at the American Headache Society event in Scottsdale, Arizona. (Scottsdale, Arizona? Yes indeed! believe it or not, we do get around a bit).

This year, the AHS have celebrated 60 years of leading and serving the headache community. Over the years, they have arranged a variety of events in order to encourage professionals to improve their knowledge, skills and professional performance in the care of patients who experience headaches, with the specific goal of providing more effective patient care. The Scottsdale Headache Symposium is one such event – it is an unmissable destination for healthcare professionals, allowing them to expand their expertise on the topic.

JoAndra and Rosalie represented one of the world’s largest healthcare companies. Their role was primarily focused on proactively engaging with the delegates and encouraging them to get involved with the booth activities and the educational journey on the booth.

Our client was very impressed with the pairs’ performance, commenting:

“Jo and Rosalie were brilliant! Jo, who of course has worked on this project with us before, was really great at engaging and bringing delegates to the booth, a great person to work with! And Rosalie was also super friendly and lovely to have on the booth!”

“We would be happy to have both of them on the project again.”

Congratulations to both JoAndra and Rosalie on a solid 10/10 performance! Their hard work, professionalism and engaging personalities are everything that we stand for here at Expo Stars, making them very worthy winners of this award.

If you would like to book JoAndra, Rosalie, or any other of our proactive, professional tradeshow talent around the world for your next event, please click here.

Posted 17/12/2018