Expo Star(s) of the Month – June 2019

Posted 25/07/2019
Expo Star(s) of the Month – June 2019
SFWT Paris 2019
Expo Star of the Month June 2019

What a great June we had here at Expo Stars, with so many super staff performances at events worldwide. We managed 36 events, including projects at the Paris and Turku Airshows, Money 2020, Infosec, ESPGHAN, ISBT Europe to mention a few. Well done to everyone for your efforts and as always making it a very difficult choice to choose our Expo Star of the Month.

There has to be a winner so our June award goes to Gerda and Yasmin for their great work at Salesforce World Tour in Paris. Notable mention goes to Felicia and Crystal at Gartner Project Management Conference in Washington DC as well who also had outstanding feedback for their lead generation.

Gerda and Yasmin were hired as lead generators, their task being to attract as many attendees as possible to the booth, tell them about the client’s product, and generate leads for the client. The team were the perfect fit for this type of role as they are both very proactive and outgoing with no qualms to approach visitors.

Our client, Jitterbit, is a partner platform for Salesforce and focuses on APIs and integration to help businesses evolve. Salesforce runs this world tour in multiple cities where visitors can attend to find out all the newest Salesforce announcements, innovations and news and how these solutions can help them to transform, to connect with their customers in new ways.

Gerda and Yasmin were able to help the client to generate a lot of high-quality leads and were given top marks across the board. The client commented: “Happy to provide feedback on Yasmin and Gerda. We were all very impressed with their professional attitude. Both fully understood the requirements and were able to explain our product to customers and prospects and consequently attracted a lot of people to our stand.”

This really proves the results you can get from hiring the right staff on your booth with a proactive face to face engagement strategy. If you want to hire a team of lead generators at your next show to help make your exhibiting more successful then please contact us today.

Congratulations to Gerda and Yasmin, we look forward to working with you both again soon!

Posted 25/07/2019