Expo Star of the Month – Sept 2017 Ruxandra, Lead Generator – Brussels

Posted 12/11/2017
Expo Star of the Month – Sept 2017 Ruxandra, Lead Generator – Brussels

Ruxandra, Lead Generator – Expo Star of the Month September 2017.

Our Expo Star of the Month September award goes to Ruxandra in Brussels for her consistently high standard of performance and dedication across all her promotion assignments during the month of September.

Ruxandra worked in different positions ranging from a booth hostess and promoter to a translator,  engager and a lead generator. She represented our clients at: Leuven IBD; the Marché Matinal promotional event; Brussels Drone Show; and the Label Expo.

Ruxandra’s assignments covered a variety of industries including Pharmaceutical; Food & Drink; Technology and Printing. Label Expo, for example, is the world’s largest event in the label and package printing industry. It has been hosted in Brussels since 1985 where it is a hub for the world’s leaders in design, manufacturing and printing technology.

At the other end of the spectrum is the up and coming e-Sports industry at the Brussels Drone Show bringing together professional athletes and fans. Ruxandra’s role was to engage the crowd and encourage participation ensuring a great time for everyone involved.

Ruxandra’s versatility and flexibility shone through proving that she can be both professional and conservative at a pharmaceutical show but also play a fun, outgoing character at a live event.

Our clients made the following comments regarding Ruxandra’s performances:

“Ruxandra was wonderful to work with, thank you for your help!”

“Everything went well, Ruxandra was smiling and pleasant with all our clients.”

“Leuven IBD was good…Ruxandra was great and always tried to get the delegates into the room.”

“Everything went really well. Ruxandra was excellent!”

Ruxandra scored top marks across all categories for her feedback. She also seemed to have a good time at her assignments judging by her comments:

“It was fab, I learnt a lot as well. I rocked the show, I loved it! The team is awesome. I feel that these types of events are really interesting as I learn new things which is amazing because I’m always interested in all fields/domains and of course I love meeting new people – I really love this kind of work.”

Not only did Ruxandra work four assignments this month but she did them all back to back and still gave 100% at each one – truly inspiring! She generally scores very highly on her positivity and proactiveness, teamwork, punctuality and communication skills, and she is always a pleasure to work with.

Congratulations Ruxandra – we hope to work with you again soon!

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Posted 12/11/2017