Event Relief 2022!

Posted 14/11/2022
Event Relief 2022!

On Tuesday 29 November event professional Dan Assor will be leading and hosting an 11-hour virtual event, raising essential funds for three event industry charities: EventWell, Make It Blue, and Meeting Needs.

Why does it matter?

Mental health-related illness affects one in three event professionals every year. Mental health services are seeing unprecedented demand and the impact of the cost-of-living crisis is wide-reaching – many people are having to decide whether to heat their homes or buy food, and many are increasingly uncertain whether they will be able to pay their mortgage or rent. This can all have a devastating effect on health and well-being, resulting in mental decline and distress.

Every donation goes towards helping individuals who are experiencing personal and financial hardship. This event will make a real difference to real people, our event people.

How you can donate

You can donate via JustGiving here:

What will actually happen on the day?

Over an 11-hour period, running from 8 am-7 pm GMT, different companies & individuals from across the event industry will run a mixture of fun & informative sessions on the hour every hour, to raise awareness and donations through creative and imaginative approaches.

Participating companies & individuals include; Lizzie Williamson, “The excuse buster from down under”, Doug Emslie, CEO of Tarsus Group, Event Mender, Business Design Centre, FFAIR, Gleanin, Lineup Ninja, Clear Path Analysis, Karen Perea of Shocklogic, Gordon Glenister – influencer marketing consultant, University of East London, Mark Allen Group, Expo Stars & Nineteen Group.

The full schedule can be viewed here

Ways to watch

The event will be streamed live on Just Giving, as well as live across Dan Assor’s YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages for people to enjoy, engage with and donate.

Get Involved

Please visit and share the LinkedIn event page here:

Please download and share promotional banners on your social platforms here;

Please tag the 3 beneficiaries and Dan Assor in social media posts as follows;



Where do the donations go?

Is a charitable social enterprise, dedicated to cultivating mental health awareness, with the aim of campaigning, educating, and supporting better mental health and wellbeing in the event industry.

Pledge by EventWell offers grant giving and financial support to any event professional experiencing personal struggles or hardship.

Make it Blue 
Is a community interest company started by the UK events and entertainment industry, aims to support colleagues and others in need, and promote mental health awareness through arts, culture, and entertainment projects. They generate funds to support selected charities and creative engagement projects that have a specific focus on mental health and wellbeing.

Meeting Needs 
Is a registered charity founded by leading figures in the UK conference and events industry. The objective of Meeting Needs is to raise funds for worthy causes relevant to the events industry.

For more information contact

Dan Assor
Organiser and founder – Event Relief


Posted 14/11/2022