Ep. 9 In Conversation with… Aidan Kearney

Posted 19/07/2021
Ep. 9 In Conversation with… Aidan Kearney

In our 9th episode of In Conversation with Expo Stars… we speak to Aidan Kearney, behavioural scientist and psychologist on how the mind works in the engagement process.  

Aidan begins by sharing his thoughts on how the Covid Pandemic has impacted us all on a psychological level, from staring at empty supermarket shelves to Zoom fatigue.  

We look out how organisations are now going to have to change to engage with their audiences and employees and the questions they need to ask internally as to where they need to change.  

With the onset of virtual events, Aidan discusses how business people now need to demonstrate that they are actively listing to their prospects and customer base.  

We discuss the importance of Marketers using novelty in their campaigns to truly get their audience get out of their normal trance and truly engage with their brand. 

Adrian shares the concept of “Piquing Interest” that advertisers are using to engage their audience along with research that proves how the brain patterns change to increase the engagement.  

We also look at how scam artists are using “Social Engineering” techniques to get people to part with their money. Aidan shares some valuable advice on how to avoid these scams and the things that you need to look out for.  

Thank you Aidan for sharing his knowledge and expertise on a truly and fascinating subject. We hope you enjoy the interview!  Listen or watch below.

Settle in and enjoy!

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Posted 19/07/2021