Ep. 7 In Conversation with… Larry Kulchawik

Posted 23/06/2021
Ep. 7 In Conversation with… Larry Kulchawik

In our seventh episode, we are in conversation with Larry Kulchawik, Exhibit Design Expert and Writer.

With a career spanning over 5 decades, Larry started out as an exhibition designer way back in 1971 in Chicago and progressed to President of then the largest exhibition company in the world, Greyhound Exhibit Group – Chicago Division.

He then progressed to serving as President of key industry associations, EDPA in the US and IFES in Europe. He is also the author of the book “Tradeshows from One Country to the Next” which shares the differences in exhibiting in 45 different countries.

Larry now serves as an Exhibition Consultant to companies worldwide and regularly writes for Exhibit City News.

In this episode, we decided to take a trip down memory lane to discuss the key changes that have taken place in the exhibition industry in the USA over the last 50 years decade by decade to see if we can learn any valuable lessons at this critical point for the exhibition industry as we face the future post-covid.

As we head into another decade of exhibiting, what does the future hold?  Join us as we discuss what the past can teach us as we head into the future. Listen or watch below.

Settle in and enjoy!

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Posted 23/06/2021