3 Tips to attract more Affiliates to your stand

Posted 25/03/2015
3 Tips to attract more Affiliates to your stand

Tip. 3 Create an Experience

A true brand experience is a lot more than just affiliate lead generation. It means delivering a story that the visitor can share after the event, with their colleagues, family, or any other public audience.

Remember that the first and foremost dialogue at tradeshows is how your brand talks about itself to itself and to the event attendees. Once you know WHAT your brand wants to talk about at AAC, you can plan on HOW to talk about it. That is how you start creating The Experience.

Tip 2. The Experience is snapping visitors out of their trance

Like any other services, the affiliate programs that visitors join at AAC are behaviourally driven or influenced. What if you could make your visitor Experience at AAC different from the year before? Address the buying trances at your next exhibition by snapping visitors out of their daze. Be different to all the other exhibitors that have clueless scantily clad girls walking around. Impress them with a fantastic elevator pitch and drive traffic intelligently to your booth.

        Tip 1. The Experience is asking the right questions & getting to know your potential customers

One you get the visitors out of their trance, make sure your people are trained to ask the right questions and listen as to what solutions they are looking for and what is important for them in order to join your affiliate program. Disqualify time wasters and freebie collectors; transform prospects into customers so that you can actually follow up with quality leads. Fill up your sales pipeline.

Tip of the day: The Experience is your people

We think The Experience is the people you work with at AAC. They are the face of your brand and the ones who can generate business that lasts and increase your company’s return on investment. It takes personality, experience, a sales mind and a “can do” attitude to make AAC memorable for your clients and partners and attract more affiliates at your booth.

If this type of Experience is what you want to create at AAC, why don’t you give us a shout?

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Posted 25/03/2015