Attract and engage IT pros with the right trade show booth staffing

Posted 14/02/2018
Attract and engage IT pros with the right trade show booth staffing

When it comes to the IT industry, it’s fair to assume that professionals within the sector know what they like and have a deep knowledge of the market. It’s an industry where information is key; how can exhibitors get that across to attendees from their trade show booth, then, without boring them or alienating them?

Staffing a trade show booth properly and working with an experienced trade show lead generation team is key to success, not only when exhibiting in the IT space but for other niche industries in general.

An experienced team will work alongside you to learn everything about your business and what it offers as well as preparing a deep lead generation strategy designed to boost your overall ROI, target, attract, nurture and convert the prospects most important to your business growth.


Trade show booth staffing at IT exhibitions

Is trade show booth staffing really that important to success though, particularly in the IT space? We believe it is, especially when considering a recent survey commissioned by UBM which aims to help exhibitors discover more about what IT professional look for when they attend an exhibit.

The survey produced some great insights, highlighting why staffing a trade show booth properly is so important when you’re looking to attract the attention of certain attendees. Perhaps most important is the statistic that suggest 63% have a particular dealbreaker; they lose interest when the believe the vendor is “selling, not educating”.

Attract and engage IT pros with the right trade show booth staffing

That statistic alone shows why it’s so important to have the right team and lead generation strategy in place at your trade show booth. With 84% saying they’re somewhat or very willing to look at new vendors and 68% saying at least a third of the purchasing process is already complete by the time they engage with a trade show booth representative, there’s a huge opportunity for IT exhibitors to attract a wealth of new leads at each and every exhibition they attend.


Filling your trade show booth with professional IT knowledge

With the right lead generation strategy in place, of course. The average personal purchase involvement at IT trade shows stands at $2.2 million according to UBM. With 76% making technology decisions for multiple departments, it’s worth working with a team who know who you are and what you’re all about to properly engage with those decision makers.

Just some of the top technologies that a lot of buyers will be interested in over the next year include cloud technology, network security, training, education and more. You may think it’ll be OK to take some internal members of staff with you to talk about your products. While fine in theory, are they also experts in engaging with attendees, collecting data in ethical ways, meeting and greeting and other factors essential for show floor success?

Getting the best of both worlds with a specialist exhibition team can help you to build a strong, creative and engaging trade show marketing strategy when you’re looking to attract the best of the IT crowd, with trade show booth staff who care as much about your business’s success as you do.

Expo Stars is a specialist exhibition lead generation company, able to provide professional, multilingual and multitalented staff worldwide to help you boost your trade show ROI. Contact us for more information.

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Posted 14/02/2018