Trade Show Staff Interview Series – Hong Kong

Posted 19/01/2016
Trade Show Staff Interview Series – Hong Kong

1. What do you feel are the most important qualities that a promoter needs to succeed in this industry?
I think the upmost important quality to be a promoter is to be cheerful. I always have a smile on my face which attracts people and generates a positive vibe. It is also important to be noticeable through the way you present yourself, the body language and the attitude you show at the booth. I think it is also extremely important to be talkative, to engage the attendees and build a relationship with them by explaining the products and the brand you represent.

2. What does being part of the Expo Stars worldwide team mean to you on a personal level?

Being part of the Expo Stars team is making me feel like I am part of something important and a global organisation. It means a lot to me as I feel that I am cared for throughout all the projects and the assignments I have. I have real opportunities and that links me very well to careers in the exhibition industry.

3. Why do you think exhibitors should hire you or external staff for their exhibitions?

Exhibitors should hire external staff as we are professionals in the industry that generate real results. I am extremely experienced and I possess all the qualities that professional exhibition staff are required to have at a show.

4.  What is the most challenging part about working in tradeshows?

To be honest I do not find anything particularly challenging about working in tradeshows and I just love it and enjoy the job! I put passion in everything I do and that makes me an easy-to-work with professional.

5. What do you enjoy the most about working at tradeshows?

Meeting different people from all over the world and learning about products and industries I would never learn about otherwise.

6. What advice would you give to someone who wants a career in promotions or working in exhibition environment?

My advice would be not to hesitate and just do it! It has been an amazing choice for me and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of working in promotions to take the leap and begin their career. It takes hard work to become a great professional in this industry but it is a rewarding pursuit once you make it happen.

7. What is your favourite place on Earth and why?

My favourite place has to be Finland. It is so beautiful and snowy especially at Christmas time. I would love to go and visit the stunning Christmas towns, and of course see the real Santa Claus!

Name: Mandy 


Education: BA in Translation and Interpretation

Experience: Lead Generator, Brand Ambassador, Interpreter, Promotional Model

Location: Hong Kong 

The interview is part of the Tradeshow Staff  Spotlight Interview Series with Expo Stars around the world.

Posted 19/01/2016