The Power of Using Effective Promotion Staffing at Tradeshow Exhibitions

Posted 04/03/2013
The Power of Using Effective Promotion Staffing  at Tradeshow Exhibitions

In the last quarter of 2012, Expo Stars International launched a study to find out how exhibitors and event professionals perceive the use of professional promotion staff as a tool for effective face-to-face marketing at their tradeshow exhibitions.
The responses of 238 international exhibitors, trade show exhibit agencies and trade show consultants, registered the following main findings:

  • 55.5%  of the respondents use promotion staffing services at their events
  • 41.5 % of the participants have  had at least one negative experience
  • Over 85 % of the participants believe that fully trained and experienced staff, able to understand the tradeshow environment, are considered to bring substantially more added value to the company they represent.
  • Utilizing Promotion Staffing Services continuously guarantee lead generation at trade shows and help exhibitors in overcoming cultural barriers.
  • The way staffing agencies operate and deliver their services are the most acute areas of quality improvement
  • 16.8 % of participants believe that agencies should improve their service delivery process.

We conclude that Effective Promotion Staffing for live face to face marketing cannot be acquired based on the lowest price on the market. Securing high output quality is a core prerequisite in   increasing results and maximizing ROI from live events, therefore the choice of the best supplier must be based on proven results, responsiveness, and effectiveness in delivering on requirements, rather than low price-based service delivery.

Posted 04/03/2013