Interruptive Marketing at GITEX 2015 Dubai

Posted 24/06/2015
Interruptive Marketing at GITEX 2015 Dubai

65% of exhibitors don’t have a proactive engagement strategy for their next trade show.

With less than 6 months left until GITEX Dubai and a prospective audience of 143.000 technology professionals with real buying power, it is time to think about your marketing approach to engage more visitors at your stand.

Getting more customers at GITEX is about creating an effective conversation.

Interruptive face-to-face marketing gets your prospects to live your brand at exhibitions. Engaging visitors in a conversation about your products and services at GITEX will not only increase your brand exposure, but let the audience understand why you are different to your competitors.

How do you do that?

  • Don’t let your prospects pass by your stand.
  • Train your staff to approach visitors in a proactive and effective manner.
  • Ask questions and relate them to your brand proposition. Understand what they are interested in and qualify them with the appropriate questions.
  • Inspire through engaging, interactive presentations.

Why does it work?

Interruptive approach in face-to- face marketing is about having visitors’ attention by using qualified staff to get them out of their trance and allow them to listen about what your company can do for them.

Remember that 94% of exhibitors do not know what results, ROI, or objectives they achieved or lost at their events.

Effective face-to-face marketing justifies your exhibition investment and is about having executive and high-level exhibition staff to engage visitors at your booth. This will allow you to communicate and qualify the high number of participants passing by your booth at GITEX 2015.

Think about your objectives and balance them with your marketing needs in Dubai.

If interruptive marketing is a chance for you to boost your brand presence, do you have the right exhibition staff to create the buzz you need at this show?

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Posted 24/06/2015