How your target audience’s pain points are more important than you think

Posted 04/01/2022
How your target audience’s pain points are more important than you think

When it comes down to the bare bones of it, what does your business do for its customers? It solves any of the problems they may have or face. The same goes from an exhibiting perspective. Your business is there to serve a purpose. 

But how do you get in front of the right people and how can you find out your target audience’s pain points? 

In this blog, we’ll go into detail about what customer pain points are, how to identify whether your target audience is at the exhibition you’re exhibiting at, and the importance of planning your exhibition activity. 

A Definition of Your Target Audiences Pain Points 

Pain points often refer to specific problems that your customers face, or in the case of exhibiting, your potential leads. 

These problems can be incredibly varied but just as pain can hurt us physically, these range in intensity. 

In any case, each problem will fall under one of the four categories below: 

  • Financial: Your potential leads are spending a lot of money on solutions, products, providers, and staff and actively want to reduce their spending. 
  • Productivity: Your potential leads are losing productivity due to solutions, products, providers, and staff and want to level up their efficiency. 
  • Process: Your potential leads want to upgrade their internal processes, such as assigning leads to improve internal processes, or nurturing lower-priority leads 
  • Support: Your potential leads don’t receive the support they need at important stages of the customer journey. 

Top tip: – Your audience’s pain points play an important role in your success or failure. When exhibiting, you have to make your stand relevant to solving their problems. If not, who’s going to be interested in your stand? 

How will I know my target audience is at my event? 

We recently covered this topic in a recent blog we had written, but now let’s explore this further. 

What is your product or service? What does it offer? 

If it’s something that you would describe as revolutionary and going to change the world, you want to let your industry know. You want to show your audience that what you have on offer stands out from the rest. If it’s a brand-new product or service, you need an exhibition focused on the latest and greatest your industry has to offer so people know you’re the next big thing. 

Top tip: – If you know exactly what your audience is looking for, you’re always going to be in a better position 

Plan your activity to see your results 

Once you have understood your target audience’s pain points and whether your target audience is in the right place, it’s time to start planning your business activities to ensure you’re engaging with enough of your target audiences. 

We’ve spoken about this in our previous blog which goes into more detail but one of the most important parts of this blog is the example below. 

“Your business needs to generate £100,000 worth of new business next year. This may seem like a lot of money but if we scratch beneath the surface and say your average customer value is £10,000, this equates to 10 new customers. 

However, if we say the ratio for converting a new lead is one in four (25%), which means you need to make 40 engagements at your exhibition. Of those 40 presentations, you only get a 50% closure rate, which means at an exhibition you need to make 80 qualified leads. If you have 4 booth staff creating 80 leads per day that is 320 leads.” 

This means you have to engage with a lot of your target audiences as well as highlighting the importance of a good solid plan to best engage your audience. 

By doing this you’ll ultimately get the results you deserve from your exhibition. 

And breathe… 

We understand that there is a lot to take in. 

Understanding your audience’s pain points is the difference between having a world-beating exhibition and having one of mediocrity. Your business is there to serve one purpose and one purpose alone – to help your audience solve any problems they may have. 

At Expo Stars, we’re the experts in identifying your target audience at an exhibition and generating a whole host of warm leads to leave mediocrity by the wayside and introduce you to exhibition success. 

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Posted 04/01/2022