Your Global Exhibition Survival Toolkit

Posted 04/06/2018
Your Global Exhibition Survival Toolkit

It’s the day before you fly for an exhibition. Your suitcase lies open on the floor with suspect contents scattered around it.

You look at your luggage as if it’s a crossword puzzle. Do you need more socks? How many pens are too many?

Overpack, and you’ll be burdened with a heavy load. Underpack, and you’ll struggle to survive the trip.

Exhibiting can be stressful enough without the added worry of bringing the right luggage. So we’ve put together a toolkit: everything you need to stay sane during this eventful time.

Necessary Attire

Obviously, you need to pack things to wear. But packing for an exhibit requires more forethought than a standard business trip.

You might have a dress code for the exhibition. It’s a part of branding: a youthful look or a corporate suit says spades about the company you represent. Make sure you know what the rules are for your business attire so you can pack correctly.

A comfy travel outfit is also a must. Travel via a long-haul flight in a suit and you’ll be fidgeting more than sleeping. Eye bags are not a good luck for exhibiting

Essential Back-Ups

There’s little worse than presenting when you’ve forgotten or lost your material. Michael Bay proved that during an embarrassing exit at a Samsung press conference after his teleprompter failed.

Evade technical snags and ensure sales aren’t hampered by saving your presentation files on an external hard drive or USB stick.

Likewise, leaving your passport, driver’s license or visa documents at home will put you in a pickle if you forget to pack high-resolution scans. Bypass major headaches by keeping copies on you at all times

Business Cards

Of course, you know you need to pack business cards to network effectively. But will you pack enough? Often sales conversations occur outside of an exhibition.

Say you take a client out for dinner and they bring a few of their contacts along. Having extra business cards on hand will allow you to replenish your supply when you need it. It’s also a good idea to pack some in your hand luggage –  you never know who you’ll meet during a flight

A Compact Travel Umbrella

 “Rainfall is plentiful in Singapore and it rains an average of 167 days a  year. Much of the rain is heavy and accompanied by thunder.” – Meteorological Service Singapore

 You don’t want to be caught in a downpour wearing your best business attire without an umbrella. Nobody enjoys presenting in a puddle.

Before you fly to another country, check which season it’s in. Land during monsoon season and you won’t regret packing a cagoule alongside your umbrella

Breath Mints

Everyone experiences bad breath from time-to-time, it’s part of being human. But with enough forward planning, you can avoid it entirely at an expo.

Pack mints to avoid embarrassment and a bad first impression. Dr. Harold Katz, owner of a Beverly Hills oral care centre has a great tip for bad breath emergencies: “Go drink some water. But not too much. Otherwise, you’ll have another problem.


If you’re the type of person who’s stubble grows back in the blink of an eye, pack yourself a razor. Like business attire, your physical appearance can play a big role in exhibiting as Trade Show Advisor explains:

“There are two general levels of interaction at shows. The first is the superficial interaction between exhibitors and booth visitors, which mainly relies on judgments made on physical appearance.”

Ensure your personal grooming efforts reflect the business you represent to stay on brand. That way, you can make a good first-impression setting you up for fruitful conversations

Antibacterial Gel

Besides talking and offering business cards, shaking hands will be your top interaction during an expo. And this is an excellent way to catch a cold if you’re not regularly sanitising your hands.

Stay stealthy, though. Using antibacterial gel in front of an attendee is a surefire way to offend and lose business. Use breaks to dose up on cleanliness to avoid insult

A Pen and Notepad

Having a pen and notepad on you at all times lets you take down information quickly. Keeping notes of what you learnt during an expo is essential to improving you or your team’s performance.

Also, if you have to pause mid-conversation to find a pen, you risk looking unprofessional. Present yourself as organised and on-the-ball by exhibiting journalist style

A Multi-Charger

No doubt you know that there are only so many powerpoints in a hotel room. Avoid fighting over them with your colleagues by packing a multi-charger. These nifty tools allow you to power up to three devices from one socket.

Bring it along to the event too. Attendees may find themselves in a similar predicament. Having a charging facility on hand is a great way to attract people to your booth for easy-going conversation

Gifts From Home

In Singapore, offering gifts at the end of an interaction is best business practice. If you’re travelling there or to another country with similar traditions, impress prospects with gifts from home.

Packing sweets or stationary is a good option when you want to travel light. For your trouble, you could build rapport with the locals in another country – a great tactic if you’re looking to break into a foreign market.

Pack Like the Exhibition Star You Are

 You’ve spent so much time planning for an effective trade show performance. If you don’t pack the right things, all that effort could go to waste.

With this personal luggage checklist, you don’t have to worry about wardrobe mishaps or equipment malfunctions. A smooth journey towards exhibiting success is set in stone.


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Posted 04/06/2018