Expo Star of the Month – September 2016

Posted 05/10/2016
Expo Star of the Month – September 2016

We are delighted to recognize Carmen in Tokyo as our Expo Star of the month for September for her outstanding performance and hard work at her assignments during September 2016.

Carmen worked as a lead generator and product demonstrator at the Tech in Asia conference on September 6th and at the Tokyo Games Show 2016 on September 15th – 18th, in Tokyo.

Tech in Asia Tokyo is a landmark international tech conference that gives the opportunity to investors to meet with the latest and hottest start-ups in the region and allows start-ups to invest time in learning about the ways technology can improve their products and services.

The Tokyo Game Show is also a fantastic event which progresses with market trends and new technology movements and play styles on a variety of platforms like smartphones and PCs.

Both clients tasked Carmen with various activities that involved proactively attracting visitors and delegates to the booth and engaging visitors in conversations.

In regards to Carmen’s performance, the first client commented: ‘She totally exceeded my expectations, and made my life a lot easier than what I was prepared for. Our product offering is very technical and not that easy to explain to others, but she learned it fast, and on top of that, could soon explain it to local visitors in Japanese. I cannot think of any area in which she could still improve; Carmen was just perfect!’.

Our second client commented: ‘With the help of Carmen and her colleagues, we’ve managed to demo to 1000 people with very good reactions. She was very helpful and supportive and a valuable member of the team. It was great working with her so it’s easy to give her mostly straight 10s’.

Similarly, Carmen also enjoyed the process as she said: ‘It was great, I’m very happy. I always enjoy working, but especially when people appreciate your work. It just makes you want to do more and more. This has been a great encouragement for me’.

Carmen generally always demonstrates a good work ethic, punctuality, great awareness of her task and the event objectives, frequency of smile and an overall positive attitude.

Congrats to Carmen! We look forward to working with you again very soon.

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Posted 05/10/2016