Expo Star of the Month – October 2016

Posted 28/10/2016
Expo Star of the Month – October 2016

We are delighted to recognize Carina from Denmark as our Expo Star of the month of October, as she went above and beyond all expectations, in order to make sure that our client was happy. Carina’s outstanding performance as a Crowd Gatherer left our client astonished due to her ethos, personality, discipline and productivity at the ESMO 2016 Congress in Copenhagen. 

The annual ESMO congress held at the Bella Center is the premier scientific platform to present oncology research and is an event that bridges the gap between researchers, clinicians and patients as it unites all stakeholders focused on finding the most effective cancer treatment solutions available today.

Carina was said to be wonderful to work with. She went out of her way to please our client and proactively performed tasks that were not required of her, something that demonstrated her work ethic and her action-oriented, ambitious and thoughtful personality.   

Specifically, the client commented: ‘Carina was an absolute pleasure to have on our team. She exemplified an elegant approach combining both the necessary social intuition and challenging interpersonal interactions in our booth. She gracefully overachieved all expectations for myself, my client, and my client’s clients’. Just like Carina, all the Expo Stars staff are professional, engaging and great communicators.

Carina has worked as a Booth Hostess, a Lead Generator, a Product Demonstrator, a Sales Representative, a Survey Interviewer, a Translator/Interpreter and even as a photographer. She also speaks Danish, English and Swedish as well as some German and French.

The client also stated: ‘Carina brought tasteful intellectual conversation into the booth, was very eager and diligent to help in all tasks, and taught all of us so much about her beautiful city of Copenhagen. Thank you for making a perfect match for us at ESMO!’. Furthermore, the client thanked Expo Stars for the professionalism and commitment towards them and was particularly grateful to Expo Stars for providing excellent service towards their needs.

Similarly, Carina said that she enjoyed gathering crowds to the booth, engaging with prospects, having purposeful conversations with them and learning about the pharmaceutical industry.

Congrats to Carina and we look forward to working with you again very soon!

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Posted 28/10/2016