Exploring the Power of iMA

Posted 19/01/2019
Exploring the Power of iMA

Have you ever clashed with a colleague while exhibiting at a trade show? Or felt like you’ve been misunderstood? This can happen when you’re poles apart in personality.

The good news: there is a super-easy way to avoid most future conflicts.

The iMA questionnaire presents you and your colleagues with an effortless way to understand each other on a personal level.

This is how it works, what the test tells you and how you can use it to supercharge teamwork and maximise your trade show performance.

Colour Coding Your Personality

Take two minutes to complete the iMA questionnaire and you’ll be given a colour that represents your personality:

  • High blue – You’re organised and analytical. You want the small details and need time to process new information.
  • High red – You’re to-the-point and don’t like wasting time. You want minimal detail and prefer making quick decisions.
  • High yellows – You’re positive and full of energy. You love working in a team and enjoy taking care of others.
  • High greens – You’re creative and empathetic. You prefer to work alone and at your own pace.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “What a load of baloney! How can a colour possibly indicate the intricacies of who I am?”

The thing is, the iMA quiz isn’t designed to reveal all the little quirks that make you you.

It’s about helping you and others understand your main personality traits and how that affects the way you work.

When it comes to being successful at a trade show (or work in general!), how well you interact with others is everything.

Whether you’re captaining a team or working side-by-side with booth staff, you need mutual trust, respect and empathy to optimise professionalism, togetherness and performance.

As the renowned business coach, Paul J. Meyer explains:

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.”

What Makes You Tick?

The beauty of the iMA questionnaire is that you don’t just get a colour. You gain tangible tips to help you be happier at work and engage with people more effectively.

For example, the iMA will reveal what stimulates you to work at your best. Let’s say you’re a high green. Take the test and you’ll learn how working at a slow pace to achieve perfection makes you happy.

You might already know this, but seeing it on paper is incredibly useful. It enables you to clarify things about your personality and communicate this easily to your teammates.

And, once they take the questionnaire, you can discover their mental make-up and how you can adapt your communication strategies to boost personal interactions and overall performance.

When it comes to working with a trade show team, this information is golden.

Getting the Most from Your Booth Team

There are a myriad of ways understanding your team members’ personality can help you drive performance on the trade show floor:

Providing Instructions

High reds want the bare minimum so they can get stuck in straight away. Whereas high blues and greens need more details to confidently do their jobs. Adapt the way you present information to your trade show staff, whether it’s sending a detailed email or making a quick call, to give each individual the information and time needed to flourish. 

Your Tone of Voice

If you have a team of high yellows, speaking with enthusiasm and positivity will inject your staff with energy and motivation. Or perhaps you’re managing a team of high reds. You can be abrupt without worry of offending.

When you have a mix of colours, consider addressing the team through one-on-ones to communicate effectively with everyone.

Organising Small Teams

Within your trade show team, you might organise smaller groups in specific job roles. For example, you could allocate yellows as your key front of booth Engagers/Lead Generators, greens as your technical guides, and reds as team leaders/booth captains. 

Of course, everyone will have already been assigned their roles based on their skills. But if you can spot an opportunity to allow similar personalities to work closely together, you can create powerhouse teams within a larger group to elevate performance.

This is just a small sample of the ways you can drive employee engagement at a trade show.

Putting it simply, the iMA quiz is a fantastic tool to bring you and your trade show team closer together. So you can get the most out of them on the big day to help you achieve exhibition glory!

Take the Test Today

It only takes two minutes to complete the quiz, and you can access it via our website. Once you’ve completed it, share your results with your team and encourage them to do it themselves.

How you use the information revealed is entirely up to you. But if you do need further advice on how to utilise the iMA quiz and get the most out of your team, we’d be delighted to help. Simply contact us on +44 (0)161 834 9478, email us or share your thoughts on Twitter.

Posted 19/01/2019