The Exhibition Performance Scorecard: Your Telescope for Luminous Exhibiting Insights

Posted 11/10/2018
The Exhibition Performance Scorecard: Your Telescope for Luminous Exhibiting Insights

What can you do to improve your trade show performance? 

You might have already read lots on this. But how can you fix something when you don’t actually know what’s wrong? 

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” – George Moore 

You need a simple, highly-effective diagnostic tool that will analyse your past exhibiting attempts to help you move forward.  

We’ve built exactly that. Our new scorecard will extract information from your personal trade show experiences and transform it into valuable insight.  

Learn about this transformative tool, how it works and the ways it can reveal intelligent performance-boosting insights.  

It’s Not About Achieving High Scores 

This isn’t a test you need to ace. The point is getting results that will help you learn how to be better at exhibiting.  

Whether you score low or high is irrelevant: it’s all about what you can learn and how you can increase your influence at exhibitions.  

It Works Like This … 

You can access the scorecard via our website. We’ll also be offering it to attendees during our future exhibitions. Or, if you take one of our masterclasses, you’ll gain it as a learning tool in addition to an array of other helpful resources. 

You’ll find different sections in the scorecard for various aspects of exhibiting.  

For instance, section one focuses on your exhibition strategy, helping you assess the strength of your current face-to-face marketing efforts. While section four is all about measurement: are you nailing your expo performance or is there room to grow?  

Each section covers every essence of exhibiting and perhaps it’ll reveal certain things you haven’t thought of before (which is normal – it’s not like this information was ever handed to you on a plate).  

How To Take The Test  

This is a multi-choice test. For every question, you need to pick an answer from the options provided. For example: 

How do you currently choose the trade shows you exhibit at? Choose one answer from the following:  

  • We exhibit at shows that have offered us cheap space 
  • We exhibit at trade shows that our competitors attend 
  • We exhibit at shows where we have achieved success in the past 
  • We carefully research and choose the shows that our prospects like to attend 

You’ll score a set amount of points for each answer, and there are separate scores for every section. When you’ve completed the test, we’ll analyse your results and give you our recommendations on how you can improve in each area.  You’ll get to see: 

  • Your biggest exhibiting challenges 
  • Your biggest areas for improvement  

And plenty more dynamite trade show insights.  

There’s More  

If you take the influence test, you’ll also get a complimentary eBook with exclusive insight from experienced exhibiting experts.  

In one fell swoop, you’ll receive tools that can be instrumental to your growth as an exhibitor. You will learn how to: 

  • Perfect your exhibition marketing strategy 
  • Understand which trade shows you should attend 
  • Plan properly for your exhibition 
  • Build the most effective booth team 
  • Measure ROI using the best performance indicators  
  • Nail your presentations and product demos 

And the best part? You can learn all of this for free. Take the test.

Check out this blog for the low down on this ROI boosting tool.  We also recommend taking these lessons to the next level by signing up to our exhibiting masterclass.


Posted 11/10/2018