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Exhibition Staff Wellington

New Zealand’s capital is found on the North Island and whilst it may be a small city, Wellington certainly packs a large punch.

Nestled between steep forest-clad hills and a wide bay that looks out onto Cook Strait, if you’re in Wellington take a sturdy pair of walking shoes, because you are going to want to get out and explore beyond the central district.

Why exhibit there?

Whilst tourism is a major industry in Wellington, its mainstays are the government and service sectors and many head offices of various sectors, including finance, technology and heavy industry are located there.

Getting there

The Airport Flyer bus is an express bus service that travels between Lower Hutt and through Wellington City to the Wellington International Airport and back.

Restrictions on what you can bring into the country

You can’t bring any of these items into NZ:

  • objectionable material

  • weapons like flick knives, butterfly knives, swordsticks, knuckle-dusters

  • any weapon which is disguised as something else

  • anything which you’re planning to use in a crime.

Top hotels

Main exhibition venues

Exhibitions we have supported

Services we provide

  • Booth Host/Hostess

  • Lead Generator

  • Crowd Gatherer

  • Product Demonstrator


  • Hospitality Staff

  • Brand Ambassador

  • Engager

  • Interpreter/Translator

  • Team Leaders

  • Event Managers

Key tourist hotspots

Give your feet a break and take Wellington's antique cable car up Wellington’s steep hill. It has been chugging up the hill to the Kelburn Lookout, next door to the Botanic Gardens, since 1912.

If you’re into history, the Museum of New Zealand is an immersive journey into the natural forces that formed the country, the culture of the Maori people and the social history of both Maori and Europeans who have shaped the nation we know today.


  • Logan Brown serves seasonal, organic and local ingredients in a menu of contemporary delicacies.

Bonus round

  1. Local currency is new Zealand dollar.

  2. The official languages are English and Maori.

  3. You may need to apply for a visa if your country doesn’t have a visa waiver agreement with New Zealand. The fastest and easiest way to apply for a visitor visa is online.

  4. Most places use the 2 or 3 angled pin plug socket.

  5. Cultural sensitivities for Kiwis:

  • New Zealanders can be somewhat reserved, especially with people they do not know.

  • Arrive at meetings on time or even a few minutes early.

  • Expect a brief amount of small talk before getting down to the matter at hand.

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