The Challenging World of the Exhibition Organiser  

Posted 28/05/2019
The Challenging World of the Exhibition Organiser  

Would you rather swim in shark-infested waters or run an exhibition where 99 things could go wrong? 

As an exhibition organiser, we bet you’ve had many moments where you’d rather deal with the sharks. Because your job isn’t easy and that’s putting it mildly.  

Let’s take a closer look at the unique challenges exhibition organisers face and how to overcome them.  

The Pressure To Get Things Right  

Sometimes organising an exhibition can be more nerve-wracking than a Game of Thrones battle.  

Every piece of the exhibiting puzzle must fall into place: 

  • Effective pre-show marketing 
  • Thorough planning and risk assessments 
  • Compelling exhibitors, speakers and show experiences 
  • A captivating attendee experience  
  • Professional staffing  
  • Hassle free logistics 

 Without these critical components, hiccups occur and the visitor experience nosedives.  

When it comes to your exhibiting business’ performance, if your exhibitors haven’t got access to skilled booth staff and don’t know how to nail face-to-face engagement, attendees enjoyment of the trade show is put at risk.  In this modern era we’re still seeing age old mistakes and outdated tactics such as the ever cringe worthy and sexist ‘booth babes’ where businesses expect results by dressing models in skimpy clothing.  (We were recently interviewed by the BBC on this very topic).  Do they really think this is acceptable in 2019? 

The result? Your exhibitors’ image takes a hit and they won’t secure enough new business. That equals a poor ROI for them and a negative perception of the show for you – not good! You could see the backlash from a drop in visitor numbers next year and exhibitors challenging you on the business case for exhibiting at your show. 

How Can You Avoid These Pitfalls?  

Your exhibitors’ success is your success. To ensure they perform well, you need to train them in the power of face-to-face engagement and provide highly-skilled booth staff. This ensures your clients have the skills they need to captivate visitors’ attention and generate quality leads.  

We can help provide these assets. So you can give your clients a solid reason to rebook. Here’s how: 

Face-to-face Engagement Training 

Partner with us and offer your exhibitors elite training in face-to-face engagement. We provide the tools and training to upskill your client’s booth staff, help them generate warm leads and improve their overall booth experience for attendees.  

Our expert-led workshop for exhibiting businesses helps them: 

  • Learn the best strategies for providing unforgettable booth experiences 
  • Learn how to attract attendees to their booths 
  • Understand how to distinguish and qualify leads 
  • Identify the attendee’s buying authority and potential buying reasons 
  • Turn booth visitors into sales prospects within two minutes of engaging them 
  • Turn ‘interesting conversations’ into meaningful meetings with quality prospects 
  • Discover the key to positive body language and how it can be used to engage attendees 
  • Lift the lid on an attendee’s mindset e.g. why they buy 
  • Motivate prospects to continue the conversation after the exhibition  

Plus, as your clients create more engaging experiences for attendees, your trade show visitors will enjoy the event all the more. This raises the possibility of them attending your next show, boosting the number of visitors you attract (meaning your exhibitor clients get to show off their business to a bigger and more enthusiastic audience).  

Booth Staff Recruitment   

Working with us also means your exhibitors gain access to phenomenal multinational talent.  

We have a global team of over 2500 highly skilled booth staff – from booth hostesses to product demonstrators – and we will handpick the perfect individuals for your exhibitors to ensure the talent they hire will rock their visitors’ world.   

What’s more, if your exhibitors use us to staff their booths, they will gain individuals trained up in their business.  

So, not only will their new hires be experts in their specialisms but they will be able to talk about the business like a pro – attendees will never know that the staff have been outsourced ensuring authenticity and professionalism for your clients.  

Depend on Us… 

… and your exhibitors can depend on you to get the best possible results from exhibiting at your trade show. And when your clients’ improve their ROI because of your input, they’ll remember the extra value you provided them, encouraging them to rebook with you.  

Learn more about the services we’ve discussed today on our website. Fancy a chat with one of our experts? Simply dial our digits on +44 (0)161 834 9478 or +1 702 425 9098 today.  

Posted 28/05/2019