Adding value to amplify your trade show success

Posted 26/04/2022
Adding value to amplify your trade show success

How do exhibit builders amplify their clients’ show success?

A common myth will have you believe that it isn’t down to exhibit builders to elevate the attendee’s trade show experience and its sole responsibility lies with the exhibitor themselves.

We want to set the record straight.

In this blog, we aim to illustrate how we can fix this age-old issue through the power of collaborative working.

Educations drives results

We believe exhibit builders need to strengthen their reputation as a full-service provider by adding value to their clients’ global exhibition experience.

Exhibit builders ultimately hold the power to build attention-grabbing stands and create captivating marketing campaigns to drive opportunities on a silver platter.

However, throughout our tenure in the exhibition industry, we’ve seen all this potential wasted when clients entrust visitor engagement and lead generation to internal personnel who lack the skills, experience, and ability to deliver the goods.

The stand may look the part but if there isn’t someone taking ownership for visitor engagement, surely their overall exhibition objective is destined to fail, and when it does who will they point the blame on?

If this sounds all too familiar, it could be the time to change your exhibit building approach by partnering with us.

Why should I partner with Expo Stars?

Your exhibit designs and marketing campaigns are designed to make a big impact. They are curated with your clients in mind to ensure your booth with awash with visitors.

But that’s where your role ends. Your exhibitor must engage those visitors and turn them into qualified leads. That’s where we come in.

When exhibit builders choose to work with us, they get access to our pool of professional booth teams in more than 50 countries around the world. All staff are fluent in English and local languages which allow for our team to create an energy around your booth to deliver concrete results for your clients.

We like to highlight this into three main benefits:

  • Galvanise your clients to achieve global success

  • Boost your reputation

  • Enhance your service offering

Time to galvanise

You’ll be able to connect your clients with a network of over 2,500 elite show staff spanning over 100 major cities in over 50 countries.

Wherever your clients want a presence, we’re already there on the ground with the right team to make it happen, delivering a premium service to your clients on your behalf.

Your clients eliminate the time and stress of finding the right staff, and our professionalism enhances your reputation worldwide – translating to referrals and repeat bookings for you.

Boost your reputation

When you work with us, your clients achieve better results, save time, and eliminate the stress of hiring show teams worldwide.

Our professionalism enhances your reputation internationally, translating to more referrals and repeat bookings for your business.

Enhance your service offering

When you partner with us, you’ll have a single point of contact that supports you through every international trade show, saving you the headache of multiple points of contact and enhancing your clients’ experience of working with you.

As your partner, you simply plug us in, share your creative strategy and client goals, and leave us to bring it all to life in real-time.

Trust us, it is as simple as that.

If you have any questions about partnering with us at Expo Stars, you can get in touch with us here or email us at

Posted 26/04/2022