How Eventureline Raced Beyond Client Expectation With Our Support

Posted 09/12/2018
How Eventureline Raced Beyond Client Expectation With Our Support

Eventureline are a well-respected VIP events management and hospitality company for the sports industry.  We explore how Expo Stars helped the company accelerate towards maximum client satisfaction through the provision of high level staffing and support for their VIP experiential activity at the Formula E motorsport series worldwide.

The Client

Eventureline is the Lewis Hamilton of motorsport event management.

Founded in 2004 by Martin Haerer and Nina Jaeschke in Munich, Germany, the agency provides VIP experiences for renowned clients at prestigious races and other sporting events.

The company’s services include full life-cycle event management plus transportation, accommodation and promotional services to deliver unforgettable experiences for its clients.

Motorsport forms 70% of Eventureline’s business with Formula 1 the jewel in the crown, where the agency supports big brands such as Red Bull, BMW, Audi and Santander. Other collaborations also include transporting the Mercedes AMG and EXOM Mobile teams all over the world (plus Ross Brawn, the Formula One managing director!).

How it Began

Our relationship began when Eventureline asked Expo Stars for help with hiring event staff for BMW VIP Lap Experience in Hong Kong at the Formula E motorsport series. They were struggling to find local professional event staff to fit their bespoke staffing requirements in a limited space of time.

Eventureline found Expo Stars after a quick Google search. The company’s head of department, Matthias Huber, explains how the team helped with their BMW VIP experience:

“Expo Stars did an amazing job, providing top quality staff and fulfilling our transportations and hospitality needs. Lee Ali [Expo Stars founder] was there every step of the way and personally managed the project.

“The plan was completed in under two weeks and the execution was perfect.”

Following this initial collaboration Expo Stars extended its support to Eventureline in Santiago, Mexico City, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Zurich and finished the season in New York providing a team of motivated promotional staff and an experienced racing driver team.

Driving Business at Full Speed for BMW

To get the best results and deliver an exceptional visitor experience, BMW needed a charismatic and experienced team of brand ambassadors to connect with VIPs.

Expo Stars hired skilled and professional staff from its pool of quality candidates to help Eventureline deliver on the day. We also recruited experienced racing drivers for a safe and fun BMW i3 and i8 electric car experience for VIPs.

As part of the experience, the ride was recorded and shared with VIPs and influencers as a video for social media sharing. This connected visitors to the brand further by offering them a lasting-token of their experience. Plus, by elevating engagement on social, more buzz was generated around BMW and its electric cars.

Brand consistency was also ensured through a uniform standard of staffing to bolster professionalism and protect BMW’s image. And we provided a single point of contact for further support during the event to make the events run as seamlessly as possible.

Eventureline’s Matthias Huber describes what it’s like to work with Expo Stars:

“They have a quick and easy solution to every problem. Lee is always there when you need him and takes ownership of the project.

“They are also focused on helping you succeed and have exceptionally high standards that match ours at Eventureline.

“This high-praise is echoed by our clients – they are amazed by the quality of service provided. They get to benefit from gifted staff who set your business apart from the rest.”

“I trust Expo Stars implicitly. We have a really good relationship built on trust – they have helped us save considerable time and money.

“The most important thing to us is that our clients are satisfied – and they are. This is why we will be extending our work with Expo Stars long into the future.”

Formula E BMW Lap Experience

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Posted 09/12/2018