4 great ways promotional staff can attract and qualify valuable trade show sales leads

Posted 18/01/2018
4 great ways promotional staff can attract and qualify valuable trade show sales leads

Do the promotional staff representing you at your event know what they should be doing, who they should be approaching and why? Good – that’s one of the most important parts of a successful trade show lead generation strategy, especially if each member of your team understands their role in the overall data collection process.

Only, when you hire promotional staff, it pays to have people who also understand how to be personable. If you set out to find promotional staff who are incredibly rigid to their role in your lead generation strategy and think of nothing else, then it can be hard to keep people’s attention and convince attendees that yours is a business worth learning more about.

It’s crucial to find promotional staff and work with professionals who research the people who are most valuable to your business growth and know how to approach them on the day. When you hire promotional staff, it’s also essential to invest in people who know as much as is possible about you, your company, and the message you want to promote to people consistently at each and every event.

4 great ways promotional staff can attract and qualify valuable trade show sales leads

Work with promotional staff that know how to command attention

Consider recent research by Skipton Building Society that suggests that the average Briton has an attention span of only 14 minutes.

They’ve found that the average adult will lose concentration and look at a mobile device after just seven minutes when watching television, while finance-based meetings and conversations only hold people’s attention for 10 minutes. Four out of 10 respondents also admitted they have a particularly short attention spans.

In a world of instant connectivity, smartphones, social media and more, it’s crucial for your promotional staff to not only know their roles at your event but to also have experience and skill in being engaging and holding the attention of the leads that matter to you most all the way to completion.

Just some of the ways professional, trained promotional staff are able to do this is by:

  • Identifying lead pains: This is why we mentioned that research was so crucial. Knowing the precise pain points of the people you wish to speak to is key to instantly grabbing attention and attracting them to your booth
  • Strong elevator pitches: Once those pain points have been identified, experienced promotional staff will be able to relate to attendees experiencing them, drawing them in with a fantastic elevator pitch that introduces them to your brand
  • Offering real solutions: The more your promotional team is in tune with your brand and what it can offer people, the more likely they’ll be able to have deep, serious conversations about a common problem, allowing them to reflect on your brand’s offerings
  • Eye contact and demeanour: General approachableness and creating serious, meaningful conversations sometimes simply cannot be taught. One of the most effective lead generation tactics at trade shows is down to warmth, friendliness, eye contact and instantly building trust with the people you’d like to work with

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Posted 18/01/2018